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Posted by: Cha0tic Dec 6 2006, 03:49 AM

Handy Links.

Some basics.

Handy things.
- Nearly everything can be copied with "C+Left mouse"

- Most things can be rotated with "Shift+Left mouse"

- Alot of things can be raised/lowered with "H+Left mouse"

- Fast save "do it heaps!!!" "Ctrl+S"

- Fast undo "Ctrl+Z"

The world builder camera handles similiar to the camera within the game.
- By holding the "middle mouse button" down you can drag the camera across your map

- Scrolling the middle mouse button zooms the camera in and out.

- By holding "alt" you can rotate your camera completely around your point of focus.

Map Size.
- When you create a new scenario you will be given the chance to set your map size, this is broken up into
two parts. The "Playable area" this is the exact size of your total playing area, within the game your troops
and even your camera can not go outside the boarder of this size.
The other part is the "Terrain size" this is the total map size including the OOB area and the playable area,
your playable area can not be set higher than this size. If you subtract the playable area from the total area
you can see what your OOB area will be.

- Resist the urge to make a large map, at first your map may not feel big enough for what
you want, but later on you will find it hard to detail a larger map.

- Large maps are not alot of fun to play on as a one vs one game, takes too long to find
your opponent. Consider how many players you want in the game and choose your size accordingly.
256x256 is a good balance for a two player map.

- Every map should have an out of bounds section (OOB), this removes a horrible edge to your world
and adds realism to your boundries. It has been recommended you use a minimum OOB area of 256,
but from the few maps I have done this should be increased to suit the Horizon mesh you select...
You currently cannot increase your map size after it has been made, so this is an important step.

- Once you have your map open you can distinguish between your OOB area and your playable area
going to the top tool bar and selecting "Overlay" and then scroll down to "Toggle show playable area"
Note that objects placed outside the playable area can not be dragged inside the playable area and vice versa.

Terrain Tiles.
- Your final product should have no more than eight tiles total, less is better.

- With Tiles selected, turn on "Layer counts" and "Chunks". If you see any red numbers
these need work. Three different tiles per chunk is the maximum you should have on your

- Resist the urge to add detail in using tiles, this is time consuming, doesnt look great
and plays havok with your tile count. Add tiles where they are needed but use splats
to add in that detailed look your after later.

- Detailed TILE Instructions:
To paint your map you use the "TILE" feature, this is found on your tool bar near the top centre of your screen. [Shortcut is F7]

once you have the tile tool selected you will see some tabs open to your right, these are the EDIT, LAYERS, BURNER, TEXTURES and Preview. The three ones you will use the most are the Layers, Textures and the preview.

Your layers section lists all the terrain types you have available for your map, you can add or remove these layers as needed. To remove a layer select it and press the small trash can icon to the right just under the layers bar.

The Textures section is a complete list of every terrain tile in the game (and theres alot), each heading can be expanded to show all the tiles in that section. For example if you click on the small + next to grass the tree expands and shows a long list of different grass tiles.

If a tile has a red cross next to it then you have not used this tile in your map, but if it has a green tick then you have assigned this tile a layer.

Clicking on the preview section so it opens up we can get a basic idea of what the tile will look like, as you click on the different tiles in the texture section the preview will automaticly refresh to show you your new selection.

Texture tiles are broken up into three types there is the base texture, this is the one you will use on your map. There is also a "_normal" and a "_specular", these are used by the game to add depth and reflection to the can ignore these.

Select the texture you want, now up next to the delete button there is a small square with a white circle in it. This creates a new layer with your currently selected texture. Once a texture has been assigned a layer you can freely paint your map with it, select the layer you want and a circle should appear over your cursor, this is your paint brush. Left clicking on your map will pain the terrain under it with your currently selected texture.

You can also completly change a texture with out needing to repaint it, to do this select the layer you want to change, now go down into your textures list and find the new texture you want. Now if you click on the assign button the old layer will be completely repainted with the new texture.

Heightmap Editor.

- Try not to be too severe with your slopes, even if they are ment to be impassable,
this is because the game camera has only a limited range and can cause some wierd
views when taken to extreme heights.

- Use the impass tool to check your slopes so you can tell if you need more or less
angle depending on what your desire is.... (Ctrl+Shift+F5)

- Lower the strength bar on the right hand side to give you more control.

- You can change the size of your curser in alot of applications by holding shift
and dragging sideways, this will save heaps of time in the long run.

- Each spline requires a minimum of four points, you can always add more on later though.

- Object splines:
- Used for walls mainly, but be creative as it has many many uses.
- Select "Object" from the top buttons, scroll down to the objects list.
You will be using objects from the /Ebps/environment/art_ambient/objects
mainly, a good starting place is the "walls" subsection.
- Select the object you wish to spline, scroll up and click "Add Object To List"
your selection should now appear in the "default" section, if it is a wall
then select wall mode now. Scroll up and tick the box under "Object"
- You can now lay down four or more points onto your map and hit enter when finished.
- You should now have a smooth looking wall.
- You can edit this wall (and all splines) by selecting it and pressing the space bar.
moving the points around will alter your shape, u can add points with the control points
section to the right.
- If you deselect "Adjustable to Terrain" your spline will vanish, it is under the ground
and you will need to raise it by holding "H+left mouse" on the object and dragging it up.

- Texture splines:
- This is used for roads, gutters, paths and almost any detail that goes a small distance
or more.
- Select "texture" from the top buttons, scroll down to the texture list.
- You will end up using most of the textures at one point of another but we will test with
"/Dirt/bia_foot_path" Select this texture, deselect any other splines you have selected.
- You can now lay down your four minimum points and hit enter.
- Texture splines can not me raised or lowered, you can increase and decrease the width of
whole spline or just one point by holding "Shift+Right mouse" and dragging sideways.
- Remember to use the "Fix tiling to width" button to lose any distortion.
- The only other main button is "colourize", this will let you blend your texture splines into
your terrain and each other....playing with these settings is the best way to learn.
(Hint: The alpha slider is an indication of visibility.)

- Deform splines:
- This is used to create grooves or long running mounds amound other things.
- Select "Deform" from the top buttons. Tick the box just below this.
- You can now lay down your spline points and hit enter.
- A deform spline can be raised and lowered as well as have its width increased
and decreased.
- You can use the "edit profile" button to smooth the edges or make them as wierd as you want.

- From a litterbox to a house to a tree....this covers nearly everything in your maps world.

- Always have the "player assignment" set to world in the default section, saves hassles later.

- Your map will use objects primarily from the /Ebps/ folder.
The Environment section covers all the visual objects
The Gameplay section has your resource points and stuff like that.

- Your map will "require" a "Starting_position" and a "map_entry_point" for each player, set the ownership to
player # in the "current" section while your object is selected. These can be found in the gameplay section.

- You can rotate objects by holding the "Shift+Left mouse" and dragging left or right.

- You can raise or lower objects by holding "H+Left mouse" and dragging Up or down.

- You can currently only tilt objects by placing them on uneven terrain and clicking the "autoalign" button.

- You can add damage to objects and buildings with the "Edit state" button.

- All that detail you DIDNT put in with the terrain tiles, is put in with the splats..

- You will need to explore the splat sections and really have a look what is in there!

- Note should be taken that everything in "road_asphalt" section has a negative cover effect!!

- All splats in the "ditch" section have medium cover, while everything in the "ditch_heavy" provides heavy cover.
All "crater" sections provide cover.

- When you place a splat use the "Optimum Size" button to bring it down to the right size ratio.

- Use the opacity bar on the right hand side to change the visibility of your splats.

- If you are only going to use a splat once, you may be better off with out it.

Getting started.
start a new map and go in to the scenario properties and decide on a horizon
mesh you like and think suits the idea you have. Take a rough guess on the
cut out size. Start a new map and keep changing the dimensions until
it is large enough to just cover the cut out section of your horizon mesh.
I chose mission 5 and I used the dimensions 544x832 with a vertical offset
of about 15 so the mesh surrounds my map base.

(Even though there appears to be a large OOB area remember you dont "have"
to use it all, but its better to have it and not need it than to need it
and not have it.)

Next I use a cement tile and try to break my playable area into even pieces
in doing so I also find the centre as well. Now is also a good time to turn
on wire frame (select your heightmap editor and toggle wireframe on the right
hand side.

If you have trouble drawing a straight line at this point, rotate your camera so your almost at ground
with the area you want your line in the middle. Now when you paint your line the mouse has only a small
distance to travel, this leaves less room for error and gives a near dead straight line most of the time.
Take a look below....
IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB Image

(the wireframe is important to use as an alignment guide if you plan on having
sheer drop offs in your map...these include harbour walls and squared off raised
sections. If your "wall" runs at a wierd angle to the mesh you will find it difficult
to create a 90 degree edge and it will instead form a jagged wall.)

(Two comparisons, 3 follows the diagonal line of the mesh, 4 does not. If you plan
for this ahead of time it will save you alot of time and frustration later on.)

Refering to my very rough sketch i made on paper I start "Painting" my map useing
different tiles. From my experience you can use as many tiles at this point as you
need to, this is purely to break your map into managable sections so you can work on
each piece as you see fit. Later you will remove the tiles as they are no longer required.

In this shot you can see i dont really care what the tile is, the main point is colour
variation so i can easily see where things should start going. I have used the cement
tile to mark where my bases will go and to mark elevation ramps. I used the dark grass
tile to mark what i suspect will be industrial zones and the rough sand tile to mark my
main gulley. I have also placed in the two headquarters to use as a comparison for size.
if you plan on having alot of roads or paths you can also drop in a tank and a infantry
man at this point to help with your brush sizes.

Now I have my basic layout broken into zones and I have a rough idea where my roads will
be. What I then do is decide on a general theme to select my buildings from, in this case
i have chosen industrial, I then went through and placed a large majority of the available
buildings down onto my map....this allows me to go through and delete the ones i can easily
see will not work and keep the ones i like.

now i can rough in my building zones using the ones i have already dropped. Remembering this
is a quick way of playing with layouts and roughing in my zones. You can hold "c" while moving
an object to quickly copy it, remeber at this point your layout is so rough you can use
most buildings as a place holder for another later.

At this point I have very loosely thrown my buildings around one half of the map, then I used
another tile tool to paint in boundries and where i think walls should go. This was done
on the fly but you can plan this out on paper before hand and you will most likely get a
better result in the long run.

Ok, so im not completly happy with the layout of my map, i could probably have made it a little
bigger. But, i can clearly see the layout, i have both starting points, most of my paths and ive
spent a little over twenty minutes on my map and thats including writing this as i go along.
So over all I have not lost much if i decide to scrap it at this point and start another idea going...

Here ive used the spare room to layout all the available fencing "and delete the few im positive I wont use"
The HQ area is a good spot because its usually the last spot to be filled so you can leave these walls and
gates here to grab at your leasure at a later time if needed.

The walls and fences have been roughed in, most originate from the same spline and are just copied
to a new spot, now i need to go around and shorten or extend as needed so they atleast meet together
and add in posts as required. By now you should have a pretty good idea how your paths are shaping up
and most glaring design flaws should be jumping out at you, on this map the largest design flaw is the
ability to razorwire your opponent completly off from the centre with only two points..... this is very
bad but due to the layout it will be hard to stop this tactic...

I have a habit of jumping all over the map and doing multiple things in stages, here I have fine tuned alot
of the walls on one side of the map and im now playing with the spline tool for my ramps and comparing the height
to that of the train models and the concrete supports fairly happy with these so ill start implementing
the gulley now.

Well now the heights have been worked out and the supporting wall is in I can work on the ramps and
the surrounding area, ive also roughed in some ideas for train tracks and put my VP in so i can work around them.
with the current setup it "should" be an all out battle for the train tracks with only minor harrassing of the opponent.
thats the idea anway, doubt it will work like that though.

Well bugger me if i havent lost the map.... n1qshok.gif ....always remember to check it saves before you turn the computer off...
hows that for an important lesson.

From this point you should keep tweaking things until your happy with the layout, then take a look at Shizzle's guide to Eye candy
and make your map pretty!!

Hope this helps some one.

Posted by: ShizzlePizzle Dec 6 2006, 13:54 PM

Great guide, I like it alot! but you dont have to do it this way tho, everyone his own style, but its a good way to get startd. I did it completly different, I just put down the hegdes, adn told myself, left side rural, right side urban. And then I just started doing section by section, making the eyecandy right away. Didnt really make an overall sketch or plan it out alot, I just tried to make it as natural as possible, because that plays best imo. But that might be hard for some people.

Posted by: EVIL WOODY Dec 6 2006, 18:53 PM

Now THAT is a tutorial!! thum.gif

Posted by: Cha0tic Dec 6 2006, 23:34 PM

Thanks guys, was supposed to be alot longer and cover the whole process but im stupid lol.

You are right though, this is only one way to go about it, writting this helped me sort out my own process which is why i kind of did it.

Looking at it shizzle this map really was done mostly on the fly, my sketch was about 2cmx2cm lol.....I actually have been trying that as a design process takes about twenty seconds to put a sketch down on paper with minimul detail and effort....but it does help, atleast you have some idea what your going to do when you sit down infront of the builder.

I think i will add some more to this a little later.

btw, can I get a mod to add [56k warning] to the title maybe...? think it needs it?

Posted by: EVIL WOODY Dec 7 2006, 00:23 AM

Hey Chaotic!
At the mo im literally copying yours to a T just till i know what im doing myself!
Bascailly i got the basic form of the of the sizes and backgroud or horizon as its called but looking at yours i think i may have missed a detail cos on your one theres the play area with a red square around it. I think i understand the large area around it is so it doesnt simply cut off and look crap but i was wondering if you could go over it (soz :-P)

Also the painting of the 'X' on the map so u can get a sense of direction on the map is causing me probs, I found the cement tile i think but it kinda paints the whole map that colour when i assign it. Can you help me here?
thanks again

Posted by: Cha0tic Dec 7 2006, 03:57 AM

Np mate, ive added a more detailed section on painting your terrain that should help fix your tile problem.

ive also added in how you show your playable area under the map size section.

I wasnt sure how detailed to be with this tutorial but as you come up against problems I will add in new steps to help out.

Posted by: kakature Dec 7 2006, 15:07 PM

Very, very nice tutorial!

Posted by: EVIL WOODY Dec 8 2006, 00:26 AM

Again thanks for the advise! I got those ealrier issues sorted!! Problem was after i added all the tiles i needed for boudaries and so i found i wasnt able to place down objects!! Is this a bug or me being thick again!!??!?!!? I right clicked like usual and tried to place things as i have done before but nothing showed! Any ideas?

Posted by: Cha0tic Dec 8 2006, 02:28 AM

Thats strange, im not really sure mate, I know some times I get a problem with things not appearing but as soon as I place another object it appears...

Can you select the object? Like is it invisible...or just not there?

Posted by: DayGloNinja Dec 8 2006, 17:40 PM

Excellent job! PINNED!

Posted by: EVIL WOODY Dec 17 2006, 13:10 PM

Hey everyone!
Made my first map thanks to chaotic and all the rest of your patience and help! biggrin.gif
Was wondering of the best way to get it up on show for somtihng to have a look at, need to get comments and that back so i can learn!
Infact i may have just missed it but does gamereplays have a submit section for us newbies map makers?!?!

Posted by: Cha0tic Dec 17 2006, 23:25 PM

There are a few ways to go about this mate, the best way is to upload some screenshots and your map.

A free website for hosting your screens is, very easy to use.

When you make a post in the general section you have the option of uploading your map along with it. Or you could use a free file hosting site and just put the link with your post.

You probably want to post your map as a work in progress the first time so it doesnt get reviewed before you get a chance to fix any bugs in it smile.gif

does that help or do you need more specific instructions?

Posted by: EVIL WOODY Dec 18 2006, 18:45 PM

Ah nice one mate ill give that a go. I mean i found some other site that you can upload your maps to and i added it there on;73784.

Is there anyway you can upload maps here at gamereplay?

WOODY banana.gif

Posted by: EVIL WOODY Dec 20 2006, 00:03 AM

Hey guys!
Btw has anyone looked into the whole lighting/atmosphere tutorial yet? Like how you get bloom effects from the sun and making the background stay there, it seems to erase everything ive done when i click save and then exit it? Cant see an apply or anything like that! Also has anyone any idea how to maybe cycle through objects occupiing one area? For example if you lay some walls down on a bridge how can u select a piece of wall easily without selecting both the wall and the bridge?
Thanks again

Posted by: Capto Jan 4 2007, 03:09 AM

Anyone know a guide to making the ramps? Cant seem to figure that one out.

edit: oK goT IT

Select the piece of the spline you want to go up or down and use H+Left Moust button and Raise or lower to your desire!

Neat! banana.gif

Posted by: SphereOfSilence Feb 6 2007, 14:38 PM

Hi, I am new to the Worldbuilder. To say that the the tool is frustrating to use is an understatement.

I can't seem to place any objects on the map at all. Any reason why? I clicked on the object, press assign, but then nothing happens. Please help. It would be appreciated.

Posted by: Supaunknown Feb 6 2007, 18:53 PM

Actually to say that the worldbuilder tool is frustrating is an overstatement. Did you try choosing your object, clicking assign and then right clicking on the map where you want the object to go? Try to mess around with it.

Posted by: BigRed11 Mar 5 2007, 01:19 AM

There's one thing that I can't seem to fix about splines: why is it that when I put down a texture spline, and then another, different one on top of it, the one that was first put down is always on top? It prevents me from making tracks that intersect roads, since the roads just cover the tracks.

Posted by: OnkelSam Apr 24 2007, 06:27 AM

first thing you can do is, colourize your splines. You can use it to have the same effect as the opacity has on splats and you can even localize it on diffrent parts of the spline for blending in and out. if you put some less opacity on the road then the second track will shine through. Otherwise, the last on EDITED lies under the others, so just select the road you want at the bottom click on colourize without doing anything and click on ok again. then it lies under the others. For splats you can do it with page down and page up

Posted by: TheVictor Apr 24 2007, 23:14 PM

'pg up' and 'pg dn' work for splines to.

Posted by: Feld Marschall Rommel Dec 27 2007, 22:23 PM

Hi! nice guide!

I tried using the world builder, but when i go to file>new then leave the sizes at default (Terrain 256 i think and play area 128 i think) it loads for awhile but then says *failed to create render window*, so i click ok, then it says *could not initialize remaining engine features*. What should i do? i really wanna make a map.

Posted by: burtondrummerNY Apr 7 2008, 01:34 AM

Hi there,
I am new to the forums, and I have come to you guys for help.

For a while now, I have been working on a map that I was hoping to be able to play. I was excited when I felt it was ready to at least try out. I saved it into C:Program Files: THQ: Company of Heroes: WW2: Data: Scenarios: MP, and loaded the game. I made sure before hand that -dev was on the target line, as specified in many other places.

To my wasnt on the list of maps. sad.gif

I tried everything, and nothing has worked. Can someone help me out?
Thanks thumb.gif

Posted by: OnkelSam Apr 7 2008, 08:09 AM

QUOTE(burtondrummerNY @ Apr 7 2008, 03:34 AM) *

Hi there,
I am new to the forums, and I have come to you guys for help.
For a while now, I have been working on a map that I was hoping to be able to play. I was excited when I felt it was ready to at least try out. I saved it into C:Program Files: THQ: Company of Heroes: WW2: Data: Scenarios: MP, and loaded the game. I made sure before hand that -dev was on the target line, as specified in many other places.

To my wasnt on the list of maps. sad.gif

I tried everything, and nothing has worked. Can someone help me out?
Thanks thumb.gif

-dev does not work anymore with the release ov 2.300...

You should try the .sga version of your map. For this simply open the map and hit "file/Export package". This will create the .sga archieve at "...\mydocuments\my games\Company of Heroes\WW2\Scenarios" ... Then just open the game with your normal shortcut. If you want to play online use the CoH-launcher, you can find in the sticky of the custom maps forum.

Posted by: HerrFlickk Apr 4 2010, 11:00 AM

Hi there all! im new here tongue.gif.

I've been searching all over the internet to get some decent and more important RECENT tutorials about the coh world builder, all I could find were these guides of 2006 wacko.gif, very frustrating since I've read multiple times that these guides are outdated (and thus useless and confusing).

So I've got this problem with a map I made, I did just like said here:

-dev does not work anymore with the release ov 2.300...

You should try the .sga version of your map. For this simply open the map and hit "file/Export package". This will create the .sga archieve at "...\mydocuments\my games\Company of Heroes\WW2\Scenarios"

I opened worldbuilder, I opened my self-made map, I hit "file", I hit "Export package". So worldbuilder tells me that is has indeed succesfully saved the map to C:\Users\User\Documents\My Games\Company of Heroes\ww2\scenarios\NewScenario.sga

Then just open the game with your normal shortcut.

Well I did start the game and went to 'Skirmish' but my game was not there?

Can someone please help me as I really want to get into the map-making, but it's just to damn difficult to try and play my map folowing the 2006 guides . . . . .



Posted by: pwnzerelite Apr 4 2010, 21:11 PM

I went into multiplayer then hosted a game and my map was in the list. All I did was export packadge and it was ready.

Most of the guides are still relevant, I haven't run into any problems building my map.

Posted by: HerrFlickk Apr 5 2010, 11:49 AM

lol, you were right, when you chose 'skirmish' the map doesnt show, but when you pick 'multiplayer' it does tongue.gif. Small thing, but important to know nonetheless tongue.gif thanks!

Posted by: theave8tor Nov 7 2010, 23:04 PM

Hi guys/gals,

Just wondering, can we still make maps for CoHo Online? If so, how do we submit them to relic???



Posted by: Tomster1001 Nov 25 2010, 19:26 PM

This might not sound so smart, but i cant find it!!!
Where should i look for the world builder, because i really want to make my own map but you cant wothout a worldbuilder!! XD

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