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Kanes Wrath

KW Unofficial Balance Patch 1.03 out now!

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# 1cnc315d34d Nov 7 2010, 08:57 AM
- To try and balance the factions as much as possible
- To make all factions play as they were originally intended, with less emphasis/dependence on use of Epic units
- To make all units and options feel viable, fun and responsive to use
- To add more variety in terms of strategies
- To fix as many significant bugs as possible

[Note: For a bugfixes-only patch, check out KW 1.02+]

My sincere thanks go out to Lauren and Bibber for providing the modding tools/advice throughout - none of this would have been possible without their efforts.

1.03 Patch v.19: (~4MB) [Last Updated: 7th May '15]

1.03 Map Packs: (>100MB)

NOTE: For online matches it is highly recommended to use 1.03 Map packs, and NOT patch 1.03 itself. This is because the 1.03 Map packs offer some key advantages over using the patch, such as being able to play with 1.03 changes while on version 1.02 itself. Click above link for more details.


- How do I install? What are the installation requirements?
Check "How to Install" below. There's an installer included so it's all fairly easy.

- Can I still play on 1.02 after I install this patch?
YES! Before you launch the game you will be able to use a pair of mini-programs (which will appear in your main KW folder/directory) to easily and seamlessly switch versions. The game is then launched the usual way.

- Help! I just installed this but don't know where my 'main KW directory' is! How do I switch back to 1.02 now?!
No worries. Just run the unofficial 1.03 installer again; but this time while it installs, click on "Show Details" and look at the 1st line in the log. It should tell you the exact path to your main KW directory.

- I have KW on Steam, and can't seem to get the 'Switch to 1.02/1.03' working.
As mentioned above, use the installer to check where your KW directory is, and use the switchers in that folder. Steam users often have a different KW directory to the default one, so you may be looking in the wrong place.

- So can this patch be played online?
YES! You use the same server/lobbies as the original 1.02, and ranked matches played on this patch even count towards your ladder rank.

- Can I play vs people running 1.02 when I am running this patch?
No. Although you will see 1.02 games appear in your lobby, you will not be able to join them as they will be 'greyed' out.

- I'm running 1.03, but can't join a 1.03 game hosted by someone!
Make sure you have the same versions as the person you are playing. Best way to check this is by checking the 'date modified' for the 'Patch103.big' file located in KW directory -> Patch103.

- What is special about the "1.03 Maps"? Why can't I transfer them online to others?
1.03 maps are specially compiled (similar to official maps) mod-maps which feature all of 1.03's changes. This allows you to start up KW in 1.02 but still play with 1.03's changes, simply by playing the 1.03 maps. Unfortunately, they are non-transferable online (unfortunate design oversight by EA when even most older C&C titles had this functionality!) and are also rather large in size, so they must be downloaded outside of the game.
Note that 1.03 maps and patch 1.03 are completely separate; the maps are not required to play patch 1.03 itself, nor is patch 1.03 required to the play 1.03 maps.

- I see a bunch of additional options in the installer - what are they?
Besides the patch itself, the following other features are included in the installer:

*Kane Edition Skin Switch tool, by Bibber & Lauren (Optional install)
A simple tool that allows you to toggle Kane Edition skins for both TW and KW, and works for all game patch versions. To enable the Kane Edition skin for either game, make sure the 'Disable' button appears next to the game name.
You may find this tool installed in your main KW folder.

*No EA logo mod (Optional install)
Disables the EA splash logo that appears when the game is started.
To enable KW splash logo again, simply go to KW folder\core\1.0 and delete "kw_ea_no_logo.big" or rename it (eg. as kw_ea_no_logo1.big).

*Texture Fix mod (installed by default along with patch)
Adds new rocket-trail smoke effect, fixes the 'Pink' Kane Edition Behemoth skin bug and the high-model-detail-setting 'invisible' Cultist bug for 1.02, without making your 1.02 incompatible online with 1.02 players not using this mod.
It however forces all models into high model detail setting even if low detail is selected in the Options screen; but note this does not significantly impact performance on lower-end machines as other graphical settings like high shaders/textures do.
To remove this fix, simply go to KW folder\core\1.2 and delete "102TextureFix.big" or rename it (eg. as 102TextureFix1.big).

- Where's the Teleporting-EMP-Hexapod bugfix?!
While this patch attempts to fix as many important bugs as possible, there exist several other bugs such as unit pathfinding, harvester AI, waypointing with special abilities or the dreaded Mastermind-teleporting-EMP'd-units bug etc which are unfortunately engine-hardcoded and thus (realistically) impossible to fix [Note: Current version actually makes MM's unable to teleport Hexapods unless garrisoned in them, so the EMP'd-Hexapod-teleport bug is irrelevant]. Certain other bugs like MoK EMP abilities etc can be addressed/optimised to a great extent but not possible to eliminate completely due to engine limitations.

- Any chance of this turning into an official patch?
For several reasons... no.

Summary of Important Changes (i.e. I don't want to read that massive change list - what's new?)

  • Epic units are slightly more expensive and have less overall survivability, but some improvements have been made to their infantry garrisons. Overall this means Epic units are now a more risky investment for all factions, and thus serve more as a tie-breaker similar to Superweapons rather than an all-purpose lategame meatshield unit. This allows for slightly more variation of tactics at lategame, and also increased importance of T3 heavy units (Mammoths/Avatars/Tripods).
  • Fences no longer prevent Shadows and Commando bombs, and provide a lower health bonus for most buildings. This naturally makes building harassment vs GDI/Nod more effective and also makes said units a greater threat than before. (Note: Shadows will now however not destroy aircraft docked on airfields unless they destroy the airfield itself)
  • GDI/ZOCOM/BH/Nod Rocket infantry receive lower armor bonuses from their upgrades, proprortional to the reduced power of GDI AP Ammo units. This means upgraded Rocket infantry are slightly weaker vs Nod and Scrin anti-infantry units. However, several advanced/heavy infantry units (Eg. Blackhands, Shocks, Zones, Snipers, Grenadiers) for all factions have received noticeable improvements. In general, 1.03 encourages use of greater variety of infantry types.
  • Some early-game basic infantry have received a slight survivability (GDI/Nod Rifle inf) or fog-clearing range increase (Buzzers), allowing for slightly easier scouting while retaining most early basic infantry interactions the same as in 1.02 (Exceptions being Confessors which are now weaker, and Awakened which are now slightly better).
  • Surveyors/Emissary/Explorer now cheaper/faster and make decent early game scouts! However cannot be deployed into an output until Warfactory has been built.
  • Several units have been tweaked for slightly better responsiveness and control, such as having smaller turn circles, quicker acceleration times, faster-rotating turrets, less delays on ability execution etc.
  • SW's (Ioncannon, Rift, Nuke) all have a reduced timer of only 5:00 min! Ion Cannon firing animation is also now much quicker and more powerful at the centre, Nuke has slightly more damage area.
How does this affect KW's core gameplay?
1.03 tries as best as possible to retain all strategies that were viable in 1.02. Although there are some very fundamental changes, anyone familiar with 1.02 gameplay in reasonable depth will not take too long to adjust to the majority of 1.03's changes. The biggest departure from 1.02 is the much reduced importance of Epic units for lategame and overall faction balance, and the provision of some newer viable options to take their place. Some of 1.03's other changes include slight refinements to the counter system, improvements to early scout units etc to help tone down certain 'cheese' or 'lame' tactics, making for fewer frustrating moments and instead promoting skill differentiation through good decisions, adapting and control.

  • AP Ammo units are less effective particularly vs vehicles and buildings. They however still deal adequately well with all kinds of infantry.
  • Although weakened by the AP Ammo nerf, APCs are now slightly faster and have more resistance to Gun and Grenade weapons, making garrisoned APC combos such as Rocket-APCs and Grenadier-APCs noticeably more effective.
  • Slingshots no longer crush infantry, but are slightly cheaper and stronger vs air units before Tungsten upgrade.
  • Grenadiers are noticeably more powerful vs massed infantry and structures.
  • Snipers have increased rate of fire and no longer shoot at vehicles, making them more reliable anti-infantry units.
  • Zonetroopers have received significantly more health and finally serve as good alternatives to Rocketmen during lategame. Great counter to Stealth tanks, Bikes, Seeker harassment as well as vs Dozer Scorpions which now take damage when crushing them! However, Flame/Grenade/Sniper-type units remain as their hard counters, and most Gun-type units as soft counters.
  • Mammoth tanks are slightly more responsive with quicker turn rates, turrets and more powerful missiles. This combined with slightly cheaper Railguns upgrade makes them a very solid option in all matchups, unlike in 1.02 where they are seldom used outside of Scrin matchups.
How does this affect my vGDI playstyle?
The nerfs to AP Ammo make GDI's T1-2 Pred/APC/Orca/Pitbull pushes less dominating particularly vs Nod factions. But in exchange, GDI has received some improvements to many T2-3 units, including Grenadiers/Snipers (which are now very powerful anti-infantry), Rigs, Mammoths and Zonetroopers. Thus, vGDI overall is now less dependent on overwhelming with T1-2 spam while its T3 units in turn pack a more powerful punch. This fits well with GDI's original ethos of versatility and steamroll power at every tier.

  • Slight improvements have been made to Titans and Wolverines.
  • MRTs have received several improvements (faster, more repair drone range, target cursor), making them a much more viable support unit. Rocket-MRTs make an extremely potent combo and easily decimate most light-medium vehicles cost-effectively.
  • Combat Engineers are also now more powerful and capable of dealing with lone infantry!
  • Some improvements to lategame powers: Adaptive now available at T2 and no longer reduces rate of fire, Railgun Accelerator now has a cooldown of only ~40 sec (down from 210 sec)!
How does this affect my Steel Talons playstyle?
The Titan range increase means they are no longer out-ranged by Devourer Tanks, while the slightly cheaper Wolverine and significantly refined MRT provide ST with much-needed flexibility for its army, allowing them to adapt better against fast tactic switches. Adaptive Armor is now purchased at T2, bolstering ST's mid-game force and allowing for a smoother transition to T3.
Lategame ST revolves heavily around its improved Mammoths and Railgun Accelerator/Adaptive powers; combined with the other mentioned changes, these provide ST with unmatched armored superiority to make up for their loss of infantry upgrades, EMP and AoE weaponry. Some of vGDI's changes such as improved Grenadiers and Rigs also greatly benefit ST.

  • ZOCOM Pred bug fixed; this essentially gives ZOCOM the option to do vGDI style Pred/APC/Shatt pushes, in addition to using their aircraft and infantry combos.
  • ZOrcas now only cost $1300 and deal their shots with less overkill.
  • Zoneraiders received a health buff like ZT's and also have more accurate shots. Zoneraiders are now easily one of the most powerful and versatile infantry units in the game. They are strong counters to some of ZOCOM's worst nemeses - artillery and Stealth Tanks. They however remain vulnerable to Flame/Grenade/Sniper weapons and aircraft.
  • Ceramic Firehawks are slightly more effective vs turtlers courtesy of nerfs to upgraded AA turrets and Laser/Sonic Fences. Only 5 Firehawks needed to destroy a fenced Tech center or Warfactory!
How does this affect my ZOCOM playstyle?
The Predator XP fix and improvements to the ZOrcas mean ZOCOM can play nearly the same game as vGDI at T1-2 and have the additional option of superior Hammerheads and high-burst-damage-per-cost ZOrcas. For lategame they have a powerful equalizer unit in the Zoneraider (in ungarrisoned form) which is highly effective vs most types of units, and also serves as a solid counter to units such as artillery and Stealth Tanks which had previously been the bane of ZOCOM's existence. Ceramic Firehawks also deal slightly better with campers due to nerfs to Laser/Sonic Fences and AA upgrades.
Some of vGDI's buffs greatly benefit ZOCOM too, including those for Grenadiers, Snipers, Rigs and Mammoths.

  • Slight improvements to the Bike/Buggy combo makes it more potent vs GDI's light vehicles and aircraft in particular, allowing Nod to play slightly more aggressively during early/mid game.
  • Nod Cloak Field no longer kills infantry.
  • Dozer Scorps/Reckoners now take significant damage when crushing heavy infantry units (Zones/Shocks/Enlightened), and also slight damage when crushing Disintegrators and Minefields.
  • However, improvements have been made to Nod anti-infantry units like Buggys (Note- Laser buggys received a 50% buff vs inf), Flametanks, Blackhands (more speed/range), Militants, Shadows (bugs fixed), Venoms to compensate for the Dozer/Cloak nerfs.
  • Fanatics are cheaper while Vertigos benefit from lightly improved splash damage and lower reload time. Both units are now better for defending in tight situations and also for offensive harassment.
  • Stealth Tanks are cheaper at $1500, but with proportionally less damage. This makes them a slightly less risky investment but watch for heavy infantry units which now make a very ideal counter!
  • Catalyst Missile no longer 1-shot-kills GDI/Nod Harvesters. Tib Vein Detonation no longer annihilates entire T1-2 armies, but still inflicts heavy damage.
  • Avatar upgrades more useful! Bike and Stealth Tank commandeer upgrades are now particularly more fun and worthwhile to use.
How does this affect my vNod playstyle?
Nod benefits from some buffs to its T1-2, allowing it a better chance vs GDI for early/midgame. In terms of T3, some aspects associated with its 'turtle' playstyle have been nerfed, including T4 'one-click' powers, Redeemers, Specters (higher cost) and Tibcore AA. On the other hand, some of its more classic hit-and-run units have been improved, including Laser Scorps, Stealth Tanks and Vertigos.
While Dozers and Cloakfield have been weakened vs infantry, this is compensated by improvements to Flame units and Laser Buggys to make them more viable frontline anti-infantry. Combined with more reliable T1-2 AA in the form of slightly better pre-Tibcore Bikes/Buggy, Nod is now more capable of dealing with various threats without being necessarily forced into camping.
Overall, 1.03 Nod now lends itself more to aggressive play somewhat akin to 1.02's BH, with less of the 'campy' bleed-the-opponent-to-death style which is common in 1.02.

  • Cyborg EMP is much more reliable now (one exception is with drafted Awakened being ordered to dispatch their EMP immediately after they spawn).
  • Awakened have more attack range, and now benefit from the Cybernetic Legs speed upgrade.
  • Tib Troopers are more lethal, particularly vs infantry and structures.
  • SCPB Shredders deal less DPS than before, making them less effective vs medium/heavy vehicles, but remain excellent vs infantry and decent vs Bikes/Pitbulls. This was done to tone down the versatility of camping slightly and reward the opponent for aggressive play and good army composition.
How does this affect my MoK playstyle?
Much of what has been mentioned about vNod applies to MoK as well. With more reliable EMP and improved Tibtroopers, MoK is a more robust faction and more conducive to aggressive play than before. SCPB Shredders have however been toned down slightly to shift MoK's focus away from camping.

  • Cabal drafting significantly less effective; only 3 members per squad (4 with Disciples). Selling Shredder turrets for quick anti-harassment needs will not prove as effective anymore!
  • Disciples have less health, so mixing in Confessor Cabals for meatshielding is more important than before.
  • Purifying Flame upgrade is cheaper and upgrades quicker, but the damage bonus has been reduced. In effect, this makes it a more mainstream upgrade than before.
  • Flametanks have noticeably better responsiveness with faster turn speed and turret targeting speed: This makes them more reliable in head-to-head battles vs infantry and light vehicles, and less confined to building-harassment.
  • Mantis is now much faster and lower pre-attack delay. Highly effective vs all air units, and a necessity for BH particularly vs lategame Scrin air or ZOCOM air units.
  • Purifiers are now cheaper. This makes them an excellent complement to BH's lategame army, capable of dealing with almost anything on the ground which poses a threat to BH's infantry.
  • CPB Shredders deal less DPS than before, making them less effective vs medium/heavy vehicles, but remain excellent vs infantry and decent vs Bikes/Pitbulls. This was done to tone down the versatility of camping slightly and reward the opponent for aggressive play and good army composition.
How does this affect my Black Hand playstyle?
The focus of BH has now been shifted slightly away from its early-game anti-scout 'abuse' (which led to a fair amount of guessing/luck for other factions) and its infantry spam, and more towards making best use of all its available units in its arsenal. Purifying Flame is cheaper/quicker to upgrade, and Flametanks, Mantis, Purifiers have received tweaks to make them more fun and viable for frontline use. This gives BH more interesting options at T2-3.
BH's signature infantry spam is still very effective vs all factions, but owing to the overall lower survivability of its rocket infantry and Disciples, it is now more important to use them in tandem with BH's vehicles as well as its other infantry units such the now-improved Fanatics and BH squads.

  • Seekers are much more resistant to Gun-weapons and Grenade/Flame weapons. This makes them hold up better vs units like Confessors, APCs, Hammerheads, Watchtowers, Buggys, Flametanks, SCPB turrets etc.
  • Gunwalkers and Corrupters now generally fare better vs upgraded infantry from other factions, but Phase Field duration has been reduced considerably in return.
  • Scrin infantry now hold up much better vs GDI/Nod vehicles due to the Dozer/Cloak/AP Ammo nerfs. Shocktroopers, particularly for vScrin/R17 have been made more effective. They are faster (although still slower than T59 shocks), have quicker blink cooldown like T59 ones, and have higher rate of fire (applies to T59 too). A strong and versatile unit to mix in, particularly effective against heavy tank-based armies. They however remain vulnerable to any Flame/Tib weapons, Buggys, APCs and anti-inf turrets.
  • Ravagers are now cheaper and slightly more effective overall vs infantry/vehicles. Their Tiberium Agitation ability now has much less cooldown; this not only makes them dangerous harassment units, but also adds an interesting dynamic to Scrin mirrors due to their ability to instantly kill Mechapedes.
  • Disc Mechapedes no longer 'bug out' when other segments are mixed. Shard segments are now weaker vs vehicles, but Disintegrator (which now replaces Shards at the anti-vehicle role) and Toxin segment Mechas have been made much more effective.
  • Masterminds no longer teleport Epic units! (except for the Hexapod's teleport ability with MM garrisoned inside) However, they now have lower cooldown on their Unit Teleport abilities to help make them more fun and viable for mainstream harassment/army support roles.
  • PACs have been made more effective, with improved targetting and quicker drone respawn. A few of these combined with Devastators and Stormriders as meatshields, with Ion Storms engaged, can potentially lay waste to almost any opposition! The downside to this ofcourse, is the late-tier expense and easy-to-destroy T4 building that would deny these units.
  • Increased health on Growth Accelerators makes them a more worthwhile way to boost your economy.
How does this affect my Scrin playstyle?
The most noticeable early-game change is the Seeker's much higher resistance to 'gun' type weapons, allowing them to stand up better to AP Ammo units, Buggys, Confessors, SCPB/CPB Shredders etc. At T2, Ravangers and Shocktroopers have received a number of improvements to help make them more viable as anti-tank+harass units particularly vs GDI.
Perhaps the biggest change for Scrin factions is the nerf on their Hexapod. With the significantly reduced Corrupter heal rate (on Hexapod), reduced Phase Field duration, and no more teleporting via ungarrisoned MM, the Hexapod's overall survivability is dramatically reduced.
Scrin factions have instead received several improvements to help create viable alternatives to the Hexapod: better PACs and Shocktroopers to deal with vehicles/artillery, improvements to Ravagers and some Mechapede segments, as well as a slight tweak-buff for Tripods to help close the anti-armor gap.

  • Cheaper Cultists and slightly improved Seekers help T59 vs certain kinds of early rushes particularly vs Nod and Scrin factions.
  • T59 infantry benefits from above-mentioned Shocktrooper/Ravager buffs, and nerfs to AP Ammo, Cloakfield and Dozers.
  • Tripods/PACs/Devastators will now prove more effective as the meat of T59 lategame rather than the Hexapod (which is significantly less cost-effective now, but still a powerful unit).
How does this affect my T59 playstyle?
The cheaper/more accessible Cultists help address T59's weaknesses to rushes like the Dev/Corr and Flame rushes. Otherwise much of what has been said about vScrin applies to T59 too; the Shocktrooper, Ravager and Prodigy buffs help bolster T59's mainstream combat as well as its harassment game, while improvements to PACs, Tripods give T59 the anti-armor it needs to compensate for the Hexapod nerf.

  • Shardwalkers have increased shard projectile speed, which makes them more efficient vs masses of infantry.
  • R17 Conversion Reserves now works as intended and is an excellent lategame upgrade.
  • Lower cooldown on Shock Pods support power combined with the aforementioned Shocktrooper improvements makes T4 a more viable and fun option for R17.
  • Now also has access to Wormhole at T4!
How does this affect my R17 playstyle?
R17 is not much changed from 1.02, but some of most notable changes are the Conversion Reserve upgrade fix for Tripods, more health on its Growth Stimulators, and once again, improvements to infantry (Shocktroopers and Ravagers), and addition of Wormhole to slightly diversify R17's playstyle. A damage bonus has been added for R17 Shardwalkers vs Cultists to help balance the R17 vs T59 matchup better.

Several bugs have been addressed in this patch to help make for a more refined and enjoyable KW gameplay experience. Refer to the bugfixes list in the full change list below.


Global changes
- Refineries cost reduced $3000 to $2500.
- MCVs cost reduced $3500 to $3000 (sell cost is now $1500).
- Fence armor bonus reduced from +100% to +25% (except for Barracks and Airfields). Commandos and Shadows can now bomb fenced buildings. Cooldown reduced 15s to 10s.
- All Rocket weapons' projectile speed increased 50%.
- GDI/Nod Rocketmen now retain 50%+ Gun armor penalty after upgrades. Vulnerability vs Grenade damage weapons doubled.
- All Engineers' speed increased 10%.
- Health Bonus for Veteran units reduced from +20% to +10%.
(elite/heroic units are unchanged)
- Surveyors/Emissary/Explorers cost reduced $1500 to $1000. Speed increased 25%. Cannot crush infantry. Unpacking is disabled until Warfactory is placed.

- Superweapons cooldown decreased from 7:00 to 5:00 min. Ion Cannon firing/animation speed increased 3x, damage increased 25%. Nuke damage radius increased 15%. All Superweapons' damage vs Epic units increased 33%.

- Mutant Marauders range increased 20%, attack damage increased 10%. Cannon armor resistance doubled (normalised with other infantry). Now stealthed while moving in Tiberium.
- Mutant Hovels health increased 50%, repair rate increased 4x. Mutant spawn/exit time removed.

Epic Units changes
- All Epics at $6000/60s.
- Healing rate via Repair Drones normalised for all Epic units at 10% lower than 1.02 MARV.
- Healing rate via Corrupters reduced 60%.
- MARV now requires Tech Center as prerequisite.
- Redeemer health reduced 10%. Rage Generator now has 1.25s delay between animation and effect.
- Garrison slots improved:
a) MARV: Rifle garrison range increased 33%; Rocket garrison DPS increased 50%; Grenade garrison range increased 10%; ZT/ZR garrison range increased 10%; Engineer garrison heal rate increased 33%.
b) Redeemer: Rifle garrison range increased 15%, damage incrceased 100%; Rocket garrison DPS increased 100%; Tibtrooper garrison DPS increased 150%; Engineer garrison heal rate increased 33%.
c) Hexapod: Disintegrator garrison range increased 40%; Shocktrooper garrison DPS increased 20%; Ravager garrison range increased 25%; Engineer garrison heal rate increased 33%. Teleport ability cooldown reduced 30s to 25s.

Global GDI faction changes
- APC armor resistance vs Cannon reduced 10%, vs Rocket increased 7%, vs Gun/Grenade increased 40%. AP APC damage reduced 33%. Movement Speed increased 10%.
- Pitbull AA bonus increased from +50% to +75%. Mortar damage radius reduced 50 to 30.
- Shatterer price increased $1500/15s to $1600/16s. Grenade armor resistance increased 50%.
- Slingshot pre-tungsten damage increased 40 to 45. Tungsten damage reduced from 75 to 67. Cannot crush infantry. Price reduced $1000 to $900.
- Juggernaut min range (close-range within which it cannot shoot) increased from 100 to 150. Bombard RoF increased 66%.
- Mammoth turn speed increased 40%, turret turn rate increased 100%, missile RoF increased 33%, anti-ground missile damage increased 33%.
- Rig armor increased 50%. Battlebase health increased 36%, armor resistance vs Cannon increased 33%, vs Rocket reduced 33%. AA missiles DPS increased 150%. Battlebase cannon projectile speed doubled to match Guardian.

- Riflemen health increased 33%. AP damage reduced 20%.
- Grenadier damage increased 25%, splash radius increased 66%. Projectile speed increased 25%.
- Missile squad RoF increased 10%.
- Composite armor bonus for Rocketmen retains +50% GUN penalty. Grenadiers armor bonus reduced from +100% to +50%.
- Sniper RoF increased 15%, range increased 5%. Health increased 50%. No longer targets non-infantry.
- Zonetrooper health increased 25%. Gun/Sniper armor resistance increased 66%, Rocket armor resistance increased 100%. Powerpacks Health boost reduced from 50% to 25%. Damage increased 7%.
- Commando health increased 66%. RoF increased 12%. Immune to Tib fields.

- AP Hammerhead damage reduced 20%.
- Orca RoF time reduced 1.5s to 1.25s. Sensor Pod detection range reduced by 50% when attached to unit.
- Firehawk Hardpoints bomb damage reduced 10%.

- AA turret pre-tungsten damage increased 25 to 30. Tungsten dmg reduced 50 to 45.
- Guardian cannon pre-rail DPS increased 25%.
- Watchtower health reduced 10%. AP watchtower damage reduced 33%.

- AP Ammo upgrade time reduced from 60s to 45s.
- Composite Armor upgrade time reduced 45s to 30s.
- Railgun upgrade cost reduced from $4000 to $3000.
- Tungsten upgrade cost reduced from $2000/60s to $1500/45s.

Special Powers
- GDI Airborne reinforcement power cooldown reduced 120s to 50s.
- Bloodhounds reinforcement power cooldown reduced 180s to 150s.
- Supersonic airstrike damage reduced from 2500 to 1500.

Steel Talons changes

- Titan range increased from 325 to 340.
- Wolverine cost reduced $900 to $800. Pre-AP damage increased 7%, AP dmg reduced 15%.
- MRT speed increased 60 to 80. Repair drone speed and leash range increased 50%. Evacuate button replaced with inf icon for insta evacuate.
- Behemoth minimum range increased 100 to 150.

- Combat Engineer attack range/vision increased 80%, damage increased 40%, pre-shot delay reduced 70%.

- Adaptive Armor now available at Command Center.

Special Powers
- Railgun Accelerators cooldown reduced 210s to 35s. Damage penalty reduced 75 to 60.
- Adaptive Armor no longer reduces rate of fire by 25%.

ZOCOM changes
- Tibsuits armor bonus for Rocketmen retains +50% GUN penalty. Grenadiers armor bonus reduced from +100% to +50%.
- Zoneraider health increased 25%. Gun/Sniper armor resistance increased 66%, Rocket armor resistance increased 100%. Powerpacks Health boost reduced from 50% to 25%. Projectile accuracy increased, splash radius reduced 50 to 40, anti-infantry damage reduced 33%.

- Zorca projectile speed doubled, reload time reduced from 7.5s to 4.5s, damage increased 750 to 825, cost reduced from $1500 to $1300.
- Ceramic Firehawk health reduced 12%.

Global Nod faction changes
- Bike AA bonus changed from +0% (pre-Tibcore)/+100% (Tibcore) to +25%/+25%. Vulnerability vs Cannon/Rocket reduced 5%.
- Buggy RoF increased 10%. Laser anti-inf scalar increased from 50% to 75%. Vulnerability vs Gun increased 20%, vs Rocket increased 10%.
- Laser Scorpion RoF increased 15%.
- Reckoner speed reduced 20%.
- Dozer blades now take 10% damage from crushing Mines, 50% from Disintegrators (up from 0%). Now also take significant damage when crushing heavy infantry units (Zones/Shocks/Enlightened).
- Flametank Cannon resistance increased 12%. Range increased 150 to 165. Turret turn rate doubled.
- Avatar commander upgrades changed: Flamer anti-vehicle/infantry damage increased 33%; Bike commandeer upgrade now gives 20% speed & range boost; Stealth Tank commandeer provides mobile Disruption field.
- Stealth Tank cost reduced $1800 to $1600. Damage reduced 340 (pre-Tibcore)/430 (Tibcore) to 312/375. AA bonus changed from +50% (pre-Tibcore)/+100% (Tibcore) to +50%/+50%.
- Specter cost increased $1500 to $1600. Deploy time reduced from 3.5s to 3s. Damage vs infantry reduced 25%.

- Rifle militants health increased 33%. Speed increased 20%.
- Rocketmen retain +50% Gun armor penalty after Tib infusion upgrade. Speed increased 10%.
- (vNod) Confessor aura health bonus removed.
- Shadow Team C4 damage vs docked aircraft reduced significantly.
- Fanatic pre/post-upgrade Gun armor penalty normalised at 10%. Price reduced $700 to $600. Bomb damage taper off removed (= more damage over area).
- Blackhands range increased 25%. Speed increased 10%. Splash radius increased 66%. Health reduced 10%. Armor resistance vs vs Sniper reduced 20%. Immune to Tib fields. Now deals slight crush revenge.
- Commando speed increased 33%. Range increased 12%. Immune to Tib fields.

- Venom pre-Laser range increased 25% to match laser range. Pre and Post-upgrade RoF increased 10%.
- Vertigo splash radius increased from 40 to 50. Reload time reduced 12 to 9s.

- Shredder turret health reduced 25%.
- Laser turret DPS increased 50%. Turret spawns health increased 100%. Power cost reduced 10 to 6.
- SAM turret Tibcore damage reduced 25%.
- Operations Center sell cost reduced $750 to $100.

- Dozer blade upgrade cost reduced to $1500/45s.
- Tib infusion upgrade cost reduced $1000/30s to $500/15s.
- Quad Turrets upgrade removed.

Special Powers
- Catalyst Missile no longer 1-shot kills Harvesters.
- Tib Vein Detonation damage vs units reduced 40%. Cost reduced from $4000 to $3500.
- Cloakfield no longer hurts infantry.
- Shadow Team Strike Shadows now spawn with 5s delay.

Black Hand changes
- Flametank Purifying Flame damage reduced 30%.
- Purifier cost to $2600/26s. Purifying Flame damage reduced 30%.
- Mantis speed increased 100 to 120. Armor vulnerability vs Rocket increased 10%.
- Specter health increased 7%.

- Aura health bonus removed.
- Confessor Cabal pre-upgrade attack range reduced 7%. Health increased 33%. Speed increased 10%. Hallucinogenic grenades post-firing delay removed. Drafted squads now only have 3 members.
- BH Disciples health reduced 30%. Armor resistance vs Sniper reduced 20%. Immune to Tib fields.
- Blackhands/Disciples Purifying Flame damage reduced 7%.

- SCPB Shredder DPS reduced by 20%.
- Operations Center unlocks Call for Transport ability.

- Purifying Flame upgrade cost/time reduced from $3000/90s to $2500/60s.

Special Powers
- Power Signature Scan cost reduced $300 to $0.

Marked Of Kane changes
- Awakened range increased 10%. Cannon/Rocket armor increased 66%. Now gains 60% speed bonus from Cybernetic Legs upgrade. Immune to Tib fields.
- Enlightened health reduced 5%. Cannon/Rocket armor increased 66%, Gun armor reduced 12%. Pre-upgrade speed increased 45 to 50 (Upgraded speed not affected). Immune to Tib fields.
- Tibtrooper damage increased 50%. Non-upgraded speed increased 40 to 50 (Upgraded speed not affected).

- SCPB Shredder DPS reduced by 20%.

- Cybernetic Legs upgrade cost increased $1000/30s to $1500/45s.
- SCPB upgrade cost reduced from $3000 to $2000.

Global Scrin faction changes
- Seeker resistance to Gun and Grenade increased 100%. Speed increased 5%.
- Devourer Tib leech/absorb range increased, ability cooldown reduced.
- Corrupter range increased 150 to 165.
- Tripod attack damage increased 5%.
- Mechapede changes: Shard segment anti-vehicle damage reduced 33%, Disint segment range increased 66%, Toxin segment damage increased 33%, Disc segment damage vs ground units reduced 33%.

- Buzzer sight range increased 50%.
- vScrin/R17 Shocktrooper blink cooldown reduced from 30s to 10s. Health increased 10%, Speed increased 30%. Pre-upgrade DPS increased 40%, plasma disc DPS increased 20%.
- Ravager price reduced $1200 to $600. Speed increased 33%, damage reduced 50%, health reduced 20%, Pre-attack delay reduced 50%, attack range increased 50%. Armor resistance to Gun reduced 25%. Tib Agitation damage reduced by 40%, cooldown reduced from 45s to 30s. Tib Agitation damage no longer varies with money stored in Refineries, no longer targets R17 Tripod/Devourer Tank. No longer uncrushable by low tier crusher units.
- Mastermind no longer teleports Epic units (unless garrisoned in Hexapod). Teleport unit cooldown reduced 20s to 10s. Can now teleport EMP'd units.

- Stormrider health increased 15%.
- PAC drone weapon firing arc/targetting improved very slightly. Range increased 12%. Fighter respawn time reduced from 30s to 18s. Fighter armor resistance to Rocket damage reduced 33%.
- Ion Storm radius increased 200 to 275, Heal rate reduced from 5% to 4%, buff duration increased from 10s to 15s.

- Growth Accelerator Health increased from 1000 to 3000.
- Photon Cannon pre-upgrade clipsize increased 5 to 6, Shard-upgraded clipsize reduced 15 to 10. Reload time reduced 15%.
- Shard-upgraded Plasma Battery clipsize reduced from 15 to 9.

- Plasma Disk upgrade cost reduced $1500 to $1000.
- (vScrin only) Forcefields upgrade cost reduced $4000 to $3000.

Special Powers
- Stasis Field cooldown reduced from 6min to 5min.
- Phase field duration reduced 40s to 20s.

Reaper-17 changes
- Shardwalker cost reduced $800 to $700. Damage reduced 120 to 96, upgraded damage 160 to 125. Shard projectile speed doubled.
- (vScrin ravager weapon buffs apply to Blue Shard ravagers too)
- Tripod Tib leech/absorb range increased slightly. Charge ability cooldown reduced.

- Growth Stimulator health increased 1000 to 3000.

- Blue Shards upgrade time reduced 60s to 45s.

Special Powers
- Shockpods cooldown reduced from 90s to 40s. Cost reduced to $2500.
- Now has access to Wormhole power at Signal Transmitter!

Traveler-59 changes
- Disintegrator pre-upgrade speed increased to match vScrin/R17.
- Cultist health reduced 5%. Added 10% Gun armor penalty. Price reduced from $1000 to $900. No longer requires Stasis Chamber. Now +100% more vulnerable to Gunwalkers/Shardwalkers.
- Prodigy no longer teleports Epic units (unless garrisoned in Hexapod). AoE mindcontrol now affects Epic units (for 1/2 the time as regular units). Teleport unit cooldown reduced 20s to 10s.

- Advanced Articulators upgrade time increased 30s to 45s.

Special Powers
- Temporal Wormhole cooldown reduced from 6min to 5min.

BUGFIXES:- XP bug/inconsistencies fixed for various units.
- Fixed MoK Cyborg EMP bugs.
- Fixed R17 Tripod charged reserves bug.
- Phase Field timer no longer freezes when the Phased unit is EMP'd.
- Fixed Shadow glider/attack bugs.
- Shadow/Specter bombard beacon placement and cursor radius bug fixed. Specter bombarding no longer kills friendly beacons.
- Mechapede segment mixing bugs fixed. Mechapedes can now use rallypoints.
- Fixed disproportionate money gained from Hexapod killing a Mechapede segment.
- Fixed BH upgraded Flametank's inconsistent ('stop/shoot/stop') firing.
- Fixed Stormrider damage vs certain subfaction units (Pitbulls, APCs, MRTs, Wolverines, Bikes, Stealth Tanks, Gunwalkers, Seekers) to match that vs respective vanilla faction units. [25% damage decrease vs these subfaction units]
- Scrin/R17 MCVs can now be teleported by Mastermind/Prodigy.
- Ion Storms no longer prevent placing of buildings underneath. Units teleported via Mastermind to an Ion Storm are no longer killed.
- Subfaction base defences can no longer be mind-controlled by MM/Prodigy.
- Snipers no longer attack vehicles and structures.
- Orca Sensor Pods attached to friendly vehicles are no longer removed by friendly drones.
- Fixed target priorities for Hammerheads, Seekers, Devastators, Fanatics.
- ZT/ZR jumpjet ability now uses Commando/Blinkpack style cursor. Jumpjetting ZT/ZR no longer crushable by T3 units. Scannerpacks ungarrisoned range bug fixed.
- Zoneraiders no longer garrison Foxholes.
- Flame and Sonic weapons can now kill friendly husks via force-fire.
- ZOCOM Shatterer Overload Beam wave speed increased to match regular wave.
- Ravager Tiberium Agitation now also affects vScrin Devourers and Corrupters.
- Veteran Snipers can now spot for Juggernauts from within transports.
- Fixed slower harvesting rate for ZOCOM/ST Harvesters.
- Fixed health inconsistencies with ZOCOM/ST Ox transport.
- Fixed invincible controllable Ox transport exploit.
- Fixed reload sounds for Hardpoints upgraded GDI Orca/Firehawk and ZOrca.
- Fixed Tib Vein Detonation money deduction bug.
- Fixed bug with Redeemer getting stuck when attempting to garrison it with a lone Confessor or Disciple from an upgraded squad.
- MoK Avatar husks now correctly spawn MoK Avatars. MoK Bikes can now be commandeered by Avatars.
- ZOCOM Conyard now properly spawns ZOCOM Riflemen and Engineer when sold.
- Fixed ordering of upgrade buttons on ZOCOM and ST Command Posts to match vGDI.
- Heroic Tungsten Slingshots now have red shell tracers. Tungsten impact particles no longer appear at lowest graphic detail settings.
- Delays on several abilities reduced: Jumpjets, Rig/MCV packup, Flametank/Mantis preattack delay, Orca Sensor Pod deploy delay.
- Fixed Tib Spike collision box to prevent shoot-through bug.
- Slight tweaks to some unit movement behaviors for better response (smaller turn radii, slightly quicker acceleration/braking times).
- New visual effects for Railgun Accelerators, fixed Kane Edition 'Pink' Juggernaut texture bug.

Refer to this thread.


-KW updated to patch 1.02.
-WinRAR program.
-A tiny bit of common sense!
Note that previous updates of this patch are NOT required to run the latest version.

1. Open .rar archive with WinRaR
2. Run KWCommunityPatch103 installer inside the archive
3. Your KW is now in 1.03 mode
4. Run KW normally

Goto main KW folder, simply run the "Switch To 1.02.exe" file to switch to 1.02, then run KW normally.
To switch to 1.03 again, run the "Switch To 1.03.exe" file and run KW.

You may have issues with unit voices not working - if this happens, please post here!!



As with 1.02 replays, there are two ways of watching a 1.03 replay:
A) Start the game on 1.03, click the replay in the replay browser list.
Ensure that you use the SAME version of the patch as was used for the game you want to watch. Otherwise, you may notice the replay is greyed out in-game.

B) Switch to 1.03, run the replay file directly from outside the game.
This method may allow you to watch replays on a different patch version (as it forces the game to try running the replay, bypassing the version check). The success of this depends entirely on the changes/differences in the patch version. The replay will run until the game detects a data mismatch and desyncs.

Note: To watch a replay of a game played on a 1.03 Map, you will require the 1.03 Map Pack. If the game was played on a 1.03 Map but on Patch 1.02, you will NOT need Patch 1.03 to watch the replay.

All replays from the 1.03 tournaments may be found via the above tournament links.

The PimpTaxi clan forum also has a 1.03 replays thread where 1.03 replays are posted.

Unfortunately it's not too well organised - note that most replays in that thread were played in beta/'test' versions of the patch releases, so you will require the specific 'test' version used for the replays. You may find this 'test' version typically uploaded along with each replay set.


These old versions are NOT NEEDED to play the latest version. These may only prove useful for watching replays or re-visiting the change history etc.

1.03.18, 31st March '12
DOWNLOAD v1.03.18 + 1.03 MAPS ~60 MB (Installer included)
DOWNLOAD v1.03.18 (No Maps included) or Alternative Link ~3 MB (Installer included)

1.03.17, 27th November '11

1.03.16, 14th August '11

1.03.15, 16th June '11

1.03.14, 4th May '11

1.03.13, 26th March '11

1.03.12, 15th Feb '11
http://www.gamereplays.org/community/index...t&id=623196 (manual install)

1.03.11, 14th Jan '11

1.03.10, 6th Jan '11

1.03.9, 30th Dec '10

1.03.8, 24th Dec '10

1.03.7, 16th Dec '10

1.03.6, 9th Dec '10

1.03.5, 29th Nov '10 (135mb)

1.03.4, 22nd Nov '10 (200mb) [all versions beyond this include an installer]

1.03.3 ,14th Nov '10

1.03.2, 14th Nov '10

1.03.1, 8th Nov '10

1.03.0 release, 7th Nov '10
ftp 2

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# 2'MaRTIAN' Nov 7 2010, 09:01 AM
I installed and that but it doesn't show any mods in the launcher

Posts: 1,424

Game: Kanes Wrath

# 3cnc315d34d Nov 7 2010, 09:04 AM
did you put that cgfkwmod.kwmod file in the kw Mods folder too?

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# 4'MaRTIAN' Nov 7 2010, 09:05 AM
edit: is the mod folder suppose to have a static.big and static common.big file? also theres no skudef is that right?

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# 5cnc315d34d Nov 7 2010, 09:08 AM
make sure
- cgfkwmod.kwmod AND cgfkwmod folder are in Mods folder
- 'Mods' folder is spelt right

My docs -> Command & Conquer 3 Kane's Wrath -> Mods -> cgfkwmod folder & cgfkwmod.Kwmod

cgfkwmod folder -> static.big, static common.big file, config.txt

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# 6'MaRTIAN' Nov 7 2010, 09:11 AM
oh i got it now, put the .kwmods in in the cgf folder

edit: want a few games or is there no point right now?
i only got like an hour

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# 7cnc315d34d Nov 7 2010, 09:13 AM
its meant to be outside cgfkwmod folder... and inside the Mods folder

just ggogogo casual 2

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# 8'MaRTIAN' Nov 7 2010, 10:27 AM
I recommend people play this, its faster more fluid, you can do more strategies etc its pretty good try it out.

edit: There should be a news announcement or something for this.

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# 9cnc315d34d Nov 7 2010, 10:32 AM
thanks for the games, tehmartian and greenzero
enjoyed observing them smile.gif

hoping we can expand the playerbase and have the feedback rolling
i think itd be useful now to maintain a list of possible' balance issues in the current mod - ill keep updating the list on the original post

this is so people can keep an eye on that issue while playing.
if its commonly agreed that a particular issue is bad, we can fix it in the fiollowing updates

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# 10Cloverfield Nov 7 2010, 11:30 AM
- Eco reverted to Kw1.00 eco

thats possibly the best thing u could do

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# 11cnc315d34d Nov 7 2010, 11:32 AM
did it especially for guys like you who missed the old eco
all the more reason to play it, gogogogo tongue.gif

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# 12foundryrush Nov 7 2010, 12:00 PM
You can 100% thank me for the eco i badgered him for months to get him to do it.

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# 13Technique Nov 7 2010, 12:17 PM
Meh eventho i don't agree with this ''balance'' patch at all.

I still think its refreshing to play on the old eco.

I'll download it and do some games, if any1 is playing right now?^^

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# 14cnc315d34d Nov 7 2010, 12:20 PM

I'll download it and do some games, if any1 is playing right now?^^

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# 15I.AM.OP Nov 7 2010, 12:20 PM
I'm installing kw + downloading now, if ur still on I'll play.

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# 16cnc315d34d Nov 7 2010, 12:21 PM
tbh you should post in the other thread to fix up matches

this thread should be for only feedback or questions

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# 17Technique Nov 7 2010, 12:41 PM
I get this error (maybe cause i got kw through steam and used adi's kw standalone patch so i didn't have to install tw again).

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Attached Image

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# 18cnc315d34d Nov 7 2010, 12:47 PM
anyone else here got it working with adi's hack?

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# 19Technique Nov 7 2010, 12:58 PM
It says it can't find CNC3EP1_dutch_1.2.SkuDef but that's at the exact location where it should be.

Ps i made the mods folder like in the description, but steam also has a ''source mods'' folder, maybe it should go in there?

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# 20Lauren Nov 7 2010, 13:07 PM
It seems it's my fault. When you install the game it creates a registry item at HKLM\Software\[Wow6432Node\]Electronic Arts\Electronic Arts\Command and Conquer 3 Kanes Wrath\ with the name InstallPath. It is a string containing the path and normally it ends with a "\" so I didn't treat it properly with checking if a "\" is at the end or not. It seems the steam doesn't have a "\" at the end.
I can fix that for the next version but you would have to wait for monday, haven't the source here. For now you can open your registry and edit the above mentioned string to have a "\" at the end.

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