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CNC Zero Hour

multiplayer camera height

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# 1ak247 Mar 14 2021, 17:31 PM
i'm using a 27inch widescreen monitor at 1920x1080

i can pick the correct resolution in the options screen, but looking over the features of gentool i can see it is supposed to adjust the camera height based on resolution/aspect ratio

the game currently has the same camera height regardless of resolution as far as i can tell

can someone explain how this works and how it's balanced for multiplayer ?

is my game not working as expected and i'm at a disadvantage because i can't actually see as much as the enemy on screen ?

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# 2xezon Mar 14 2021, 19:43 PM
Can you post screenshot?

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Game: CNC Zero Hour

# 3ak247 Mar 15 2021, 17:14 PM
hello attached are 4 screenshots with their filename as the resolution
thanks for replying and looking into this

some observations
it isn't being stretched to fit the screen

there is black side bars at resolutions lower than my screen size for non widescreen resolutions - i can probably get it to stretch if needed

at widescreen resolutions it's fullscreen but you can see the image clarity matches that of the resolution stretched to fit screen resolution

let me know what else you need

this is in skirmish mode

i intend to do mp

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# 4xezon Mar 15 2021, 18:43 PM
Camera height looks correct on all images.

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Game: CNC Zero Hour


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