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Generals 2

Did this get canned for good?

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# 1UNr34L Jan 17 2014, 03:19 AM
I'm curious how there have been no official announcements so far.

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# 2Wmm Jan 17 2014, 23:55 PM
Well, if there haven't been any announcements, what do you think our answer could be? Maybe something like "we don't know either"? wink.gif.

They said they would reconsider the way Generals 2 was going or something along those lines. They said it like they might pick up development again sometime. I doubt they ever will, but seems like it might be possible.

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# 3JonnyKnows Jan 21 2014, 12:31 PM
Victory games was given the axe, I am starting to think the next C&C we see is gonna be the red alert edition of "Tiberium Alliances".

Frustratingly enough it's their most popular free 2 play, and probably one of the most popular C&C's of all time that's raking in plenty of cash.

It'll probably take a long time before they try making a proper rts version of C&C.

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