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Posted by: `zoNk Jan 20 2020, 00:37 AM


was making for my section (ZH) some things and noticed on the ZH News Overview how the pictures get screwed probably due any compresion issues. So i checked the page code to see what is actually displayed, maybe on other page parts (code sides) the witdth of 900x may work but experienced there is only been displayed 898x. Is this correctly or is the mistake on my site? If so would be nice hearing maybe a possible explanation or any input, maybe other people do things different. Did made a 900x 285x Banner and it looks pretty decent when i see it in total resolution. As soon as i use a width of 898 x Pixels it will probably work but i thought it would make sense to communicte this here since it may could influence other parts of as well. If the people get the Border/ format of 900px but in fact only 898px will be displayed, itshould either be communicated / updated or changed in the website code. But the as said the post looks screwed so im looking for an answere and think i found it. Ty.

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Posted by: `zoNk Jan 22 2020, 07:09 AM

Im glad anyone cares...but when i type "prize" instead "price" ppl are willing to point out details.

Posted by: ~JoKeR~ Jan 22 2020, 11:36 AM

Nobody looks here, post this in the staff section

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