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Rise of the Witch King

Updated Rules Regarding Replays

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# 1Belenos Aug 22 2017, 13:50 PM
There has been a high number of questionable replays uploaded in the replay section recently that have not served a healthy purpose on this site. Therefore, we have decided to clarify the rules for replays uploads which we would like all members to bear in mind.

Rules When Uploading Replays
  1. Any replay shorter than 10 minutes must be accompanied with an explanation / good reason as to why people should still see it / find it interesting. Otherwise, refrain from uploading these.
  2. No replay is to be presented in a provocative, boasting or insulting way.
The purpose of the replay section is to educate and entertain the community, and should a replay upload not meeting the specified guidelines, it will be removed.

!:! A further note: !:! Dont forget to add participating factions to the description of any given replay as it makes life a lot easier for the Replay Reviewers when reviewing.

Thank you for your attention,

The RotWK Staff Team

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