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Jundiyy's Micro Maps

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# 1Jundiyy Aug 27 2017, 06:11 AM
Welcome Generals,
In the past, some of you may remember that I scripted quite a few Micro maps for Sharbel to use in his Micro Tournament, quite a few people enjoyed them and let me know they were playing them, some give me ideas for more. So I took some time out and decided to make a few more and also edit the older ones to get rid of any bugs or mistakes that were originally made. I have added in a few things, some maps will give you upgrades for your units as time goes on.

Just a few simple rules for the maps.

You can't evacuate your units once the timers finishes, before that is fine.
In the Battle Bus maps, if all the Battle Busses are in the bunker mode and can't reach any other Bus, then evac from both sides is allowed, if any Bus can reach another Bus then it may do so.

If there are ONLY non-attacking units are left on the battlefield (Ambulance, Speakerlix etc) then it will be an instant draw.

Of course, the players themselves can decide on their own rules if they wish to, but these are the standard ones.


Attached File Jundiyy_s_Micro_Maps.rar
Size: 813.69k
Number of downloads: 1164

HELP - How to play on the maps.
- Simply extract the folder
- Copy the file into My Documents > Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour Data > Maps
- Now you should be able to play the map on zero hour.

Hope you enjoy. Any advice and thoughts are welcome.


Attached File MicroMap___Battlemaster___Circle_Of_Death.rar
Size: 55.67k
Number of downloads: 275

Attached File MicroMap___BattleBus___Horizon_Heatwave.rar
Size: 69.54k
Number of downloads: 205

Attached File MicroMap___BattleBus___Tournament_Desert.rar
Size: 149.72k
Number of downloads: 201

Attached File MicroMap___Helix___Island_Of_Chaos.rar
Size: 73.01k
Number of downloads: 187

Attached File MicroMap___Helix___Tournament_Desert.rar
Size: 148.81k
Number of downloads: 221

Attached File MicroMap___Humvee___Mountain_Mayhem.rar
Size: 82.45k
Number of downloads: 200

Attached File MicroMap___Humvee___Tournament_Desert.rar
Size: 149.27k
Number of downloads: 204

Attached File MicroMap___Quad___Forgotten_Ruins.rar
Size: 85.41k
Number of downloads: 209

Other Micro Maps
Attached File humvee_micro_by_mrgreen__v2_.rar
Size: 86.59k
Number of downloads: 283

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# 2El-NiNo^9 Oct 16 2017, 20:00 PM
i was searching for those
thanks alot..i really appreciate your work

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# 3Jundiyy Oct 17 2017, 20:11 PM
Thanks and no problem smile.gif

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# 4yzzd-xrdh Mar 13 2018, 00:14 AM
It was really great, thank you very much for your effort.

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