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Rise of the Witch King

Custom Hotkey Thread

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# 1brabox Sep 30 2017, 15:28 PM
Hi all, please use this topic to discuss and create hotkey sets.

Some notes:
  • You can not edit hotkeys from inside the game, you need external tools
  • Hotkey sets are language specific. You can not use an English hotkey set without that also inadvertently turning your text language to English.
  1. Tada's Hotkeys
  2. Mako's Hotkeys V1

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Game: Rise of the Witchking 2.01

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# 2brabox Sep 30 2017, 15:30 PM

Hotkey set 1: TaDa's Hotkeys (English)

First off, I updated TaDa's English language hotkey set for v7.0.0. It is a rather extensive rework so it's definitely worth checking out.

This is what he said about the work:


I tried just to change those hotkeys that were clearly uncomfortable and changed some others only for the sake of better remembering. After I tested them im going to say that quite everything now in this game has hotkey and its comfortable to use. I will mention only some general changes because there are a lot of them:

Added such missing hotkeys as throw barrels for bws and catapults, evacuate single unit/horde, detonate mine, launch sculls, builders extinguish fire, cancel wall span etc. Also added missing hotkeys for most of the upgrades.

All rbs - R
All barracks/caves/pits etc. – C
All towers – T
All wells/hearth – D
All statues – F
All fortresses – K
All forges(without sieges) - V
All siegeworks - G
Stables, spider/warg pits etc.- A

Forts extensions:
All towers – R
All catas/ballistas/trebuchetes/giants – T
Such things as flood doors/spider holes/angmar dogs/mines launchers – C

Forts upgraides:
Banners/crows/enchanted anvil etc. - A
Walls for everyone – T
Arrows upgrade – W
Such things as boiling oil and moats – R
Healing house/fontain/kegs – S
Such upgraides as Drake/eagle nests, Ivory tower etc. have 1 hotkey – Y. Using powers from these upgraides(for example recruit giant eagle or fire drake etc.) - C hotkey.

I used aoe 2 system(A, S, D,..) for units recruiting so for example hotkey for guardians – A, for phalanges – S, For lorien archers – A, mithlond – S, lorien warriors – W, mirkwood – D, easterlings – A, corsairs – W, harad archers – S, harad lancers – D, etc. All miniheroes hordes hotkey – R. Same system for heroes recruiting and it depends on hero accessibility. So for example Brand – A, Gloin – S, Dain – D, Hwaldar – A, Morgomir – S, Faramir – A, Boro – S, etc.
New tavern units have A hotkey.

All units with 1 ability only have 1 hotkey for these abilities – R. Examples – all formations(porcupine, shields wall, etc.), poisoned blades, all charges, drakes fire, berserksgang, deathwish etc.
All toggle weapons including trolls, giants, corsairs, hobbits etc. have 1 hotkey – T(not K not M not P or some other nonsence).
Such forts abilities as boiling oil – Z hotkey
Poisoned/sharped/black arrows – T
Launch skulls/throw barrels - T
Such abilities that are dealing ranged physical damage(spearthrows, wounding arrow, slamshot, axethrow, thorn of vengeance, haldirs arrow etc.) have W hotkey.
Abilities causing terror(from Shelob, WKs, FBs, Aragorn, Drummer troll, BRs etc.) have W hotkey.
Crippling/stunning abilities like cripple, morgul blades, poisoned stingers etc. have C hotkey.
Gimli/Rogash leaps have C hotkey.
All giving experience abilities have C hotkey.
Lvl 10 badass abilities like word of power, oathbreakers, flood, smash etc. have C hotkey.
Blade master type abilities (for aragorn, glorfindel, azog, rogash, gothmog, gimli slayer etc.) have R hotkey.
Buffing/debuffing abilities (For grima, MoS, dain, morgomir etc.) have R hotkey.
Abilities for escaping/speed increasing/disappearing (for grima, balrogs wings, disguise, elven cloaks, glorfindels norolim-norolim etc.) have T hotkey.

All banners – Z
All forged blades – X
All armours – C
Such upgraides as venom sacks, dire wolves armour, hammers, etc. – V
Arrows/upgrades for sieges - W
Also changed hotkeys for walls extensions and ships etc.

I didn’t change main hotkeys(such as select matching units, choose all, attack move, go to fort etc.) exept these:
Planning mode – ctrl+F8
Delete(buildings/beacons) – TAB
Diplomacy – F10
Scatter - N (I found it better than X considering N is right next to B where you always have your thumb, also i needed X for other stuff)
Choose all heroes - Y instead of O

Download here:
Attached File TaDa_Hotkeys_V7.zip
Size: 282.4k
Number of downloads: 29
Player Name Side Team

Unzip into your game directory, and you will be able to turn TaDa's hotkeys on and off using the new 2.02 Switcher.

Good luck!

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Game: Rise of the Witchking 2.01


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