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Battle for Middle Earth

1v1 New Year's Tournament

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# 1HungryTroll Dec 10 2017, 12:45 PM
1v1 New Year Tournament
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This tournament needs a sponsor smile.gif
If you want to offer a prize, write here.

This Tournament is for all players [noobs, meds, goods, pros]
General Rules
1. All players are to play as random army
2. All games are to played on patch T3A 1.06 or just 1.06
3. All replays are to be posted by the winner (victory does not count without a replay!)
4. If any player is caught cheating (or using Bug: AC-bug, Gandalf bug, Faramir's arrow with horse, and other bug) it will resolve in an immediate disqualification from the tournament.
5. Map - standart QM maps (without North Ithilien) + maps from the patch 1.06.
6. Players are welcome to play their tournament matches on either GameRanger or T3A:online server.
7. Group stage : best of 3, semi finals : best of 5 , finals : best of 5

Tournament Format
Group stage. Best 2 players in groups will advanced to next round. Group Stage best of 3, Finals and semi-finals best of 5

Maps List
1. Andrast
2. Carnen
3. Carrock
4. Druwaith Laur
5. Dunharrow
6. Eastern Rohan
7. Fangorn Forest
8. Fords of Isen
9. Rohan
10. Southern Ithilien
11. West Emnet
12. Westfold
Host select a map and spot.
When an invoice score 2:2 or 3:3 final map Druwaith Laur

Further Information
In the result of a player disconnecting each case shall be handled separately. The resulting action will be either that the win shall be awarded to one of the players or the match will be replayed. In the case of a replayed match players are to play out the same MU.
if a player has to leave the tournament for any reason, the player will be replaced by waiting player in order or a new player.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to post them here.

10 Decembers - start registration
TOurnament started when 20 players will join


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# 2Earendil Dec 10 2017, 14:25 PM
sounds interesting, I'm in smile.gif

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# 3^BLuE^ Dec 12 2017, 16:30 PM
nice Flyer!

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