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DuckBBB is back!

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# 1DuckBBB Feb 5 2018, 14:14 PM
I'm now in UK studying for 4 years so there should be no lag anymore here.
I developed 3v3 in chinese community RAT, with new maps(DMaps) and a great team of excellent players. Now I would be more frequently go in GR for "chinese style 3v3"play!

I would also introduce some of my chinese friends, to help them sort of lags and play with you guys XD

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# 2zyb123 Feb 5 2018, 14:22 PM
This is a few very good 3v3 maps, I downloaded it and it feels good

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# 3LordFlameheart Apr 22 2018, 13:40 PM
why are you guys promoting custom maps in new members sec lol

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# 4PorgLes May 4 2018, 03:34 AM
Nice map, nonetheless. biggrin.gif

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