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Battle for Middle Earth

Clanwars report of April 2018

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# 1Dunedain` May 2 2018, 09:28 AM
Greetings fellow Battle For Middle-Earth (BFME) players,

The ClanWars that took place in April 2018 was a big success for BFME in terms of raising the level of activity.

There were 2 clans that took part in the clanwars this time round and both clans contained a range of players with a varying level of skill.

The clans are:
  • Clan 1: Justice League
  • Clan 2: Avengers

Congratulations to Orange (WonderWoman) for getting yet another gold with the best ratio of 62 %. Congratulations as well to Alan (Thanos) for getting silver with the 2nd best ratio of 60% ratio and hulk (Ganjaman) who managed to get the bronze medal with a 50% winning ratio.

IPB Image

On a separate note, I played in the clanwars as well as OliverQueen and managed to clinch a Top 5 placing with the 4th best winning ratio of 57%. After the duration of the ClanWars, Justice League won this series with Avengers coming in as runner-up.

As there were a lot of amazing CW games played last month, I would kindly request that players upload their special / cool clanwars games here.

Here are all the players who played in both clans & their stats.

IPB Image

Twitter Image
Discord Image

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# 2Felixanius May 2 2018, 13:53 PM
I got even in the end!!!!

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# 3Val` May 11 2018, 10:59 AM
Set invisible, see staff room

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