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Agony (NSFW)

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# 1Kreatorino May 28 2018, 13:23 PM
MadMind Studios has developed a game that has been described as one that will totally mess you up. Said studio consists of veteran developers who have worked on titles like The Division, Witcher 3. Their aim, to bring a new wave of horror games, which you will have the chance to taste pretty soon enough.

To succumb to the horrors of the unknown and to explore paths of death while in despair, fragile and lost.
This is the tone of Agony. It lets you in and empowers you, to keep the rest forever silent while the Red Goddess lures you closer to keep you there forever, as if she had put you there in the first place. Do you remember?


For those who are expecting the Unreal Engine to do the game justice, for those survival-horror fans who got tired of jump-scares from titles like Amnesia and Outlast and for those who are into fantasy horror, you'll find demons like Onoskelis. She has a lead role in the game and her interpretation on it is a thing to look forward to in meeting your above expectations.

As she is described in the Testament of Solomon:

“Her body was that of a woman with a fair complexion, but her legs were those of a mule” – TSol 4:2

"I am a spirit which has been made into a body. I recline in a den on the earth. I make my home in caves. However, I have a many-sided character. Sometimes I strangle men; sometimes I pervert them from their true natures. Most of the time, my habitats are cliffs, caves, and ravines. Frequently, I also associate with men who think of me as a woman, especially with whose skin is honey-colored, for we are of the same constellation. It is also true that they worship my star secretly and openly. They do not know that they deceive themselves and excite me to be an evil doer all the more. For they want to obtain gold by remembering (me), but I grant little to those who seriously worship me." - TSol 4:4-7

Your Act

You will have the ability to go through the game as a martyr or to posses other lost souls. If you chose to posses then you'll become that entity for a while, until it regains control of itself and drains you out of its head. One of the demons to posses is Onoskelis herself, which is a great choice, if you are not into stealth gameplay. As you progress you'll be given information from other lost souls, to help you get a clearer idea of the place you are at or a deeper narrative of the game's story-line.

This progressive gameplay will also incorporate The Agony Mode, which was one of the achievements of their Kickstarter campaign. It will not be unlocked at the beginning but you will get it as you progress further into the game. This mode is, in essence, an area divided in zones. Each zone has two goals to complete it, Time and a Survival. As you reach a goal, you can choose to finish or keep going deeper into hell. The deeper you go the harder it gets, resulting in better rewards. Leaderboards have also been added to reflect your progress on the online community.

While I think that the game will only definitely be fully experienced by playing it on PC using a high-performance chassis, it will also be made available on the consoles. In my humble opinion however, to be using consoles to see the gratuitous violence and nudity is like asking Hulk to help the fight against Thanos in the latest Infinity War movie.

IPB Image

Horror-game fans should reserve 29th of May to explore Agony. It will be released on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and on Steam for the PC.

Take note however, that the console version of the game will be censored to avoid being given an Adults Only rating which would disallow the game from being sold on consoles. While the PC version of the game will be censored, players will be able to download an optional patch which would enable it to be uncensored.

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