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-]iNiMiCaL - Mismatch - Invalid

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# 1-DoMiNaToR- Jun 8 2019, 21:54 PM
you can see video on my latest stream, last game i played around 4 hours on timer.

looks like intentional MM

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Game: CNC Zero Hour

# 2JarmenElectra Jun 9 2019, 22:07 PM
Ah I was going to let Peralva deal with this but he has enough to do.

I saw this on stream and have watched the replay. He is doing something strange with his trucks which I dont understand, but:
There is no evidence of the accused intentionally causing the mismatch, therefore I find this accusation invalid.

I refer you and anyone else reporting players for mismatch to this thread which outlines the reporting procedure and the grounds on which a player can be convicted for such an offence.

I do note however, that there is a caveat in that explanation which states the folllowing "Please note that, if ladder games repeatedly mismatch while the accused player is in a losing position, we may take that as evidence that the mismatches are being caused intentionally"
So, if it transpires that more games come to light where this scenario has repeated itself with the same player in question then this accusation may very well be taken into consideration.

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