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Realtime Replay "Stream" Utility

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# 1ViperMkVII Sep 21 2019, 02:05 AM
Yes this is the still those old tools I've posted years ago, since their links are already lost, I'm uploading here again.

Attached File Proj_RealtimeReplays_Upload.zip
Size: 485.24k
Number of downloads: 153
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You can use this tool to automatically upload your replays while you're still playing, so, basically, "streaming replay"
How to use: Just open this tool and leave it there, then, every game you started to play after you run this tool will be automatically uploaded to this page: https://lanyi.altervista.org/NewDirectory/U...empwatcher.html
WARNING: Although this tool will normally work, it might not be 100% reliable (well, it's a buggy program that I've written years ago...), so it would better that you still manually save your replays as well, especially when you're playing tournaments, you can also use Wmm's replay tool to automatically save your replays.

Attached File Proj_RealtimeReplays_Download.zip
Size: 1.01mb
Number of downloads: 135
Player Name Side Team

You can use this tool to watch replays meanwhile they're still being uploaded (by the Uploader above), so basically, it allows you to watch a game while it's still being played, even if you're not inside their room.
How to use: Extract all files from the archive, start your game, run the exe, type the replay id which you see here and press Enter.
Eventually it will tell your that you can start watching this replay, go to game's Replay Theatre, choose RS_TEST_LOCAL.RA3Replay and start watching.

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