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alpha9 - Range bug - Confirmed

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# 1-NickName Oct 19 2019, 11:10 AM

Just played a 2v2 no rush game against alpha9 in the blue as the laser general.

As the screenshot proves, he exploits the range bug of the laser turrets. The first time is around 12min10, I made a screenshot of the replay, but you can always check for yourself. The screenshot shows that he (edited). In game, I have warned him several times to stop doing this since it is against the fair play rules, and if he stopped doing it, I wouldn't have reported it because he may be unknown of this being against the rules here.

But, as the replay shows, he didn't stop it. I, playing in the green, would have easily walked in his base after taking down the defenses with the buggies, but they were taking out because of this bug. As this is game changing and done several times, even after warning him, I decide to report it so here I am.

Other times he did it (what I could see) was around 14.50, 15.50 (multiple times in a short time), 17.00 (again multiple times), 18.20 (multiple times, he now used the higher laser which shot the laser that was on the lower ground). At around 22.45 I put a beacon on it to make it easier to spot.

TLDR: alpha9 exploits multiple times the range bug you can do with the laser defense turrets, as shown in the screenshot and can be found in the replay of the game.

Kind regards,


Peralva: replay, screenshot and explanation of the bug removed.

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# 2-NickName Oct 19 2019, 11:11 AM
In addition, the game was played on C&C online

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# 3Peralva Oct 22 2019, 02:04 AM
This accusation is valid and I give him three clear days to explain his actions here or at Revora. If he doesn't provide a good explanation a penalty may be imposed.

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# 4Peralva Oct 27 2019, 23:19 PM
No explanation given. Confirmed.

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# 5ToxicShock Nov 7 2019, 06:33 AM
alpha9 has not provided an explanation and Peralva has confirmed the report accordingly.

As regards the Online penalty, presently, the standard tariff penalty for a first offence intentional exploit conviction in Zero Hour is a 14 day suspension from access to C&C:Online. Accordingly, I will suspend alpha9's access to C&C:Online for 14 days from now. It must be understood that a subsequent conviction is likely to carry a much more severe penalty and could extend to a permanent ban. On this occasion, I would consider lifting the Online suspension after 10 days on an application to me on the Revora forums by alpha9, provided that there have been no attempts to effect an unauthorised access in the meantime.

Access to C&C:Online suspended until after 21 November 2019 or earlier application (after 18 November) in the meantime.

I do not have any reason to believe that alpha9 is a gamereplays member. Should it transpire that he is member or should he subsequently become a member, he is due a 28 days suspension from the site for this first offence intentional exploit conviction. As the site rules presently stand, any further conviction will result in a permanent ban from the site.

Fair Play Rules: Accusing a Player of Exploiting a Bug

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