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Red Alert 3

November 2019 Ladder Wars Qualifiers - 60$

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# 1Inspector RaGe Dec 3 2019, 01:45 AM
Discussion for November Ladder Wars.

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November Ladder Wars will be on Saturday December 7th, beginning at 14:00 GMT. We will meet in the Tournaments 01 lobby immediately after you check-in. Use the timer on the home page to be safe and keep in mind check-ins open one hour prior to tourney start time. biggrin.gif

Registered players, ALL EXPERTS + top 20 spots

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* MAKE SURE: You download 1.12.6 Maps if you don't have them already in order to participate in this event. *

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# 2cwedvin Dec 3 2019, 09:03 AM
*centrybomber noises*

Out you go.
Nice art.

If only more people used them to actually drop down alot of infantry behind enemy lines.

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