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PaulPimmelpumpe - Teamkilling - Confirmed

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# 1-NickName Dec 29 2019, 15:56 PM

So I just played a 2v2 no rush game on Lone Eagle. My teammate didn't have his defenses up in the beginning and was runn over, as can be seen in the replay. So, as a good teammate I decided to help him out. As the game continous, I was busy with dropping an army into pink's base, killing his income (so that he would be out of the game and we could both focus on the air force general, playing in yellow). However, he said something like: you are not a team player (don't know the exact words). So I said: lol, I saved your a** in the beginning and that he would be dead without me.

The game continous and I focused on finishing off the enemies (they already said gg), but suddenly I was out of power. Could happen (but I had a huge amount of reactors since laser tanks need power and I didnt want them to stop, so I was a little surprised by it). Then I noticed why my power went down, it was my mate who was suddenly killing me. Didn't really care about it, but I said that I would report him since I don't like such toxic players, so here I am. I sold my buildings I had left and didn't wait for the game to end. The attached replay shows proof of him team killing.

For any questions, feel free to ask.

Kind regards,


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# 2Leikeze Dec 29 2019, 17:43 PM
At the 26 minute mark PaulPimmelpumpe begins to destroy his allies base.
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# 3Peralva Jan 1 2020, 21:08 PM
This accusation is valid and I give him three clear days to explain his actions here or at Revora. If he doesn't provide a good explanation a penalty may be imposed.

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# 4Peralva Jan 9 2020, 03:09 AM
Confirmed. This a first team kill conviction for him and because of that this offense is resolved by issuing a formal warning:

Any further offences of this nature are highly likely to result in a suspension from C&C:Online.

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