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Tiberium Wars Community Map Pack RC5

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# 1Luvaskot May 6 2020, 23:09 PM
Lately I found some time finalize Tiberium Wars bug-fix and balance map pack. Removed some of the changes as community suggested. Also converted the most popular Kane's Wrath maps Tournament Galaxy and Tournament Odyssey.

Here is the download link and the changelog:


[Bug Fixes and General Changes]

. Fixed an exploit which makes Nod and Scrin harvesters dock faster. <as in KW>

. Fixed a bug which does not allow Annihilator Tripod, Avatar Warmech and Juggernaut to crush other vehicles.

. Fixed a bug which does not allow buildings to be built on enemy beacon.

. Fixed a bug/exploit which makes Ox Transports to be invincible. <as in KW>

. Fixed a bug which instantly kills the units teleported via Mastermind to an Ion Storm.

. Fixed a bug which does not allow Drone Ship to fly over cliffs and obstacles.

. Fixed target priorities for Seekers, Devastator Warships and Fanatics. <as in KW>

. Fixed XP inconsistencies for various units.

. Corrupters, Storm Columns and Sonic Emitters can kill husks with force-fire.

. All harvesters have cannon and missile armor set to 95 from 110 and 75 respectively. <as in KW>

. GDI and Scrin harvester hit-points reduced by 10% to 6750.

. Repair Drones can repair allied units in team games. <as in KW>

. Mutant Marauder range increased. Cannon armor resistance doubled (normalised with other infantry). Now stealthed while moving in Tiberium.


. Charged Devourer Tank can shoot while moving. <as in KW>

. Seeker and charged Devourer Tank damage against Attack Bike increased by 7%. Seekers kill Attack Bikes with two shots. Charged Devourer Tanks kill Attack Bikes with one shot. <as in KW>

. Shock Trooper "Blink Pack" ability has no delay time. <as in KW>

. Drone Platform can be teleported by Mastermind while packing. <as in KW>

. Drone Platform can be phased by phase field while packing. <as in KW>


. Avatar Warmech main cannon damage reduced by 12% to 1100.

. Avatar Warmech beam upgraded cannon damage increased by 33% to 800 (It kills Attack Bikes with one shot).

. Avatar Warmech upgraded flamer range increased by 30% to 130.

. Beam Cannon range increased by 20% and it is available on tech level 2. <as in KW>

. Beam Cannon cost increased by 20% to 1200$.

. Catalyst Missile cost increased by 50% to 3000$.

. Catalyst Missile deals slightly less damage to GDI and Nod harvesters. It does not kill Nod harvesters with one shot. <as in KW>

. Obelisk cost increased by 28% to 2300$.


. Zone Trooper "Scanner Packs" upgrade range bug fixed. Upgrade increases Zone Trooper range by 20%. <as in KW>

. Firehawk "Stratofighter" ability button greyed out while taking off. <as in KW>

. Orca Sensor Pods attached to friendly vehicles are no longer removed by friendly drones.

. Rig cost reduced by 25% to 1500$.

. Sonic Emitter cost increased by 25% to 2500$.

. Sniper Team can slightly damage vehicles and structures (They were already aiming at vehicles but used to land empty shots).


Have fun.

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# 2Whitey May 8 2020, 03:21 AM
Will there be events on this?

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# 3A.Productions YT May 13 2020, 14:27 PM
I personally hope so. We need new maps to play on tbh.

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