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CNC Zero Hour

ProSLiCKdh - Disconnect - Valid

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# 1incirium May 15 2020, 00:49 AM
What is it whith this guy always disconecting lol...

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ProSLiCKdh 0
Incirium* 0

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# 2-NickName May 16 2020, 08:19 AM
Valid report. 35 points added to Incirium and 50 points removed from ProSLiCKdh.

Three other valid disconnect accusations against ProSLiCKdh:

If we find further valid disconnect reports against ProSLiCKdh in a losing position it is likely that we treat this as intentional with all its consequences.

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# 3fastAiR May 16 2020, 19:33 PM
Besides the DC, is anyone else experiencing really bad lag in these games, never playing him again based on the lag tbh, its so bad it literally stops for 1/2 seconds at points.

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