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fastAiR - Game not recorded - Valid

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# 1fastAiR Jun 9 2020, 19:18 PM
Carol won, maybe you can give Carol the points and deduct mine as the game didnt record.
I didnt DC, I tried to leave and got an error.
Attached File Carole_Vs_ExoticBuilds_aka_hookersandcocain___GameReplays.org_.rep
Size: 97.38k
Number of downloads: 4
Player Name Side Team
exoticbuilds 0
CaroleBaskin* 0

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Game: CNC Zero Hour

# 2-NickName Jun 12 2020, 06:53 AM
Valid report. Based on the points both players had before the game started, CarolineBaskin gets 60 points and exoticbuilds loses 35 points.

Ps. A big thank you for your honesty here. Much appreciated.

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Game: CNC Zero Hour


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