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CNC Zero Hour

midovic - Disconnect - Valid

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# 1Jundiyy Jul 19 2020, 21:55 PM
Won but then he dc at the end.
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Player Name Side Team
Jundiyy* 0
midovic 0

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Game: CNC Zero Hour

# 2`JoKeR Jul 19 2020, 22:38 PM
ohmy.gif Jundiyy abusing staff powers tongue.gif (should be invisble)

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# 3elberondolo Jul 19 2020, 22:43 PM
haha, played some games with him today, too! he did same thing twice. i asked him if he could stop it and he did, he said he´s used to it, i guess he doesn´t know you dc then? anyways, after i told him to stop he stopped

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# 4-NickName Jul 20 2020, 08:28 AM
Valid report. 35 points added to Jundiyy and 50 points removed from midovic.

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