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# 1cwedvin Dec 1 2020, 12:04 PM
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Conduct at the Event

Players are expected to assist in the conduct of the event. Accordingly, conduct which tends to disrupt the event, including a failure to follow the instructions of the tournament manager or staff, interrupting or intervening in announcements made by the tournament staff or discourteous or disruptive conduct generally may result in forfeiture, sanction or disqualification from the tournament or future tournaments. The decision of the tournament manager on all matters concerning the conduct and outcome of the tournament is final and not open to debate. Questioning any such decision is likely to be treated as disruptive conduct.

Delaying one's own defeat in a game where defeat is inevitable and there is no tactical advantage to the delay may be considered bad sportsmanship and treated as such.

Result Reporting

After the winner of each round has been determined, it is the responsibility of the winning player to report the victory. There is a short guide on how to do this available here.
  1. Update score and upload replays to the corresponding 'Bracket, Results and Replays' forum topic in the format: Danku 5 - 0 Edvin.
  2. @mention a referee in Discord to quickly confirm your result and that you have updated the corresponding 'Bracket, Results and Replays' forum topic.


Should a tournament participant lose connection during a match then the match will be treated as a loss for the participant who lost connection unless they had a clear lead to the point that the match was already decided and the opponent had no realistic way of winning the match (tournament organizers' discretion applies), or if both participants agree to re-play the match. If they re-play the match the same factions and map must be used.

If a participant disconnects multiple times in a tournament they may be DQ'd.

Cheating/Disconnecting/Dispute Resolution

All reports and issues will be resolved by the tournament manager and the referees. Cheating will result in exclusion from the tournament and a ban from future tournaments hosted by GameReplays.org. Poor sportsmanship may also result in disqualification from the tournament.

Being Late

Players/teams that fail to show how up within 15 minutes of their allocated match time will be disqualified. At this point, an alternate player(s)/team may be allocated to their position, or the opponent will advance. Players are expected to continue playing until eliminated or until the end of the tournament is reached. Failure to play rounds in an expedient manner may result in disqualification.

Server Locations

In the event two players are from different locations and thus are based on different servers, the players will alternate who hosts in the hopes it also alternates who's server location the game is based on. The first game will be hosted by the player in the top of the bracket and then it shall be rotated from there.

I understand this will not be 100% fair as in the event a decider is required it will be placed on one players server giving an unfair advantage but given how the server locations work, there isn't really much I can do about that unfortunately.

The only addition to this rule is that if two players go against each other for a second time, then the first game will be hosted by the player in the bottom of the bracket. For example, Player A and Player B play each other in the first round and are based on different servers. Player A is in the top of the bracket and thus will host the first game, the game ends by the decider in which Player A hosted. If Player A and Player B meet again later in the tournament, Player B will host the first game and thus the decider (if required) will be hosted by Player B.

Please note in this example, if Player A hosts the first game but loses the series and thus doesn't get a deciding game on their server, then Player B will STILL host the first game if they come against each other later in the tournament. As far as I am concerned, Player A had their opportunity to play with the advantage and it is not Player B's duty to put themselves at a disadvantage the next time.

Any adjustments to make this fairer that anyone comes up with will most definitely be taken under consideration, however we will not be using any 3rd party programs to force Player to Player connections.


If you like the format of the tournament or just wish to show your support, people are more then welcome to sponsor the tournament to help increase the prize pool. Feel free to get in touch by PM here

I hope everyone understands and I eagerly look forward to the tournament!

If you wish to sign up, just drop a quick "I wish to sign up for the tournament" or some such including your in game name that you are going to be using and you shall be added!

Player Registration Checklist

☐ Read the announcement post and additional rules above.
☐ Signed Up (24hr cutoff before the tournament starts - mention intention to register for the tournament below)
☐ Can access the GameReplays Discord Server
☐ Checked In (1hr cutoff before the tournament starts - on the relevant forum topic)
☐ Uploading Scores & Replays
☐ Have a good time!

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# 2Danku Dec 1 2020, 14:06 PM

Confirmed Signups

  • AOD Gaming
  • Adam
  • Rashnagar206
  • Bronzepanic
  • Khanomancer
  • PaRappa56
  • MrsCriticalMeds
  • Za_Blacky
  • Twizzy
  • Sai
  • UncleDJ

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# 3AOD Gaming Dec 1 2020, 19:39 PM
AOD Gaming - Sign me up please mate! smile.gif

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# 4Adam201 Dec 2 2020, 06:45 AM
Please sign me up - Adam

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# 5Danku Dec 3 2020, 01:37 AM
Brief update - thanks to donations prize pool has gone up - this is reflected in the initial announcement post but see also below:

First Place - $60
Second Place - $30
2x Random Selected Participant Prize - $5 each

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# 6rashnagar206 Dec 3 2020, 16:51 PM
Sign me up please! rashnagar206

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# 7Bronzepanic Dec 4 2020, 15:59 PM
Im in. 😊

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# 8KHANOMANCER Dec 5 2020, 18:21 PM
Eerrgghh Khanomancer signing up, rustier than rust!

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# 9PaRappa56 Dec 7 2020, 21:48 PM
PaRappa56 - Sign me up!! xD

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# 10MrsCriticalMeds Dec 7 2020, 22:17 PM
MrsCriticalMeds Signing up

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# 11Za_Blacky Dec 10 2020, 09:06 AM
Sign me up smile.gif

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# 12Twizzyy Dec 11 2020, 00:43 AM
Twizzy here, sign me up! biggrin.gif

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# 13Sai. Dec 11 2020, 10:15 AM
Signing - Sai

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# 14Uncledjftw Dec 11 2020, 17:01 PM
Uncledj signing up! banana.gif

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# 15Danku Dec 11 2020, 18:11 PM
|----- SIGNUPS CLOSED -----|

For details on Check-In, Bracket, Results and Replay Uploads check out the following thread:

Groundhog Brawl #5 Check-In, Bracket, Results and Replays

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