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World Series 2021 - Sign Ups

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# 1MrX May 1 2021, 10:25 AM

World Series 2021

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Welcome Generals,

9,156 valid ladder games and 4,551 Clan Wars games have been played during the month of April. Many players have tried their best to qualify for the World Series 2021 main event but only the Shatabrick top 150 and ClanWars top 50 are eligible to check in.

The rankings are as follows:

Shatabrick Rankings


IPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image

Clan Wars Warriors Rankings


IPB Image
IPB Image

If you find your name in the above list you are allowed to check in. Please leave a post in this topic stating that you would like to check in, the ladder you played in your rank, your nickname, and your country.

In, Clan Wars Ladder #07 HeRo, USA

The 64 players with the highest ranks that have checked in will get a spot for the World Series. Note that there are quite a lot of nicknames belonging to the same players and not everyone wants to participate, therefore we allow the top 150 players from Shatabrick and top 50 from ClanWars to check in. If you have checked in but did not make it into the best 64 participants we will add you to our list of backup players.

Deadline for checking in: 4th May 2021

Signed Up Players

    Clan Wars Ladder #01 england OoE-ExCaL^
    Clan Wars Ladder #02 russia StaZzzz
    Clan Wars Ladder #03 netherlands Facey
    Clan Wars Ladder #04 malaysia ViViD~
    Clan Wars Ladder #06 australia scuba
    Clan Wars Ladder #07 iraq GooGle
    Clan Wars Ladder #08 italy Makeveli
    Clan Wars Ladder #09 lebanon Hsn`Leb
    Clan Wars Ladder #10 lithuania Fargo
    Clan Wars Ladder #11 israel Taz^MaNy-
    Clan Wars Ladder #12 us BoYcaH0
    Clan Wars Ladder #13 russia ZaRz
    Clan Wars Ladder #14 lebanon Peace Lover
    Clan Wars Ladder #16 Raging`Shaye
    Clan Wars Ladder #17 newzealand -HerB-
    Clan Wars Ladder #18 netherlands HuMaN1ty

    Expert (Clan Wars Ladder #37) england HaWkY
    Expert (Clan Wars Ladder #41) uk -DoMiNaToR-
    Expert (Shatabrick Ladder #21) denmark HuMBuG = SiZe
    Shatabrick Ladder #01 germany MrX
    Shatabrick Ladder #03 denmark Dense
    Shatabrick Ladder #05 egypt Marakar
    Shatabrick Ladder #06 ukraine BogomDaniy
    Shatabrick Ladder #08 denmark RaDaR
    Shatabrick Ladder #10 russia Nick Pine
    Shatabrick Ladder #14 kazakhstan Abuka
    Shatabrick Ladder #15 us HeRo
    Shatabrick Ladder #16 us PePsI
    Shatabrick Ladder #17 russia OssDimoss
    Shatabrick Ladder #20 saudiarabia AzOOz`
    Shatabrick Ladder #22 germany satanic1
    Shatabrick Ladder #24 iran Metti

    Clan Wars Ladder #19 russia _spL_
    Clan Wars Ladder #20 jordan ROLL
    Clan Wars Ladder #21 turkey BasketBall
    Clan Wars Ladder #22 ukraine OwenCover
    Clan Wars Ladder #26 canada queenmuff
    Clan Wars Ladder #27 germany Antrip
    Clan Wars Ladder #29 us Magical
    Clan Wars Ladder #33 iran Amin`MC
    Clan Wars Ladder #34 saudiarabia FlameIORI
    Clan Wars Ladder #36 lebanon ApOcALyPs'
    Clan Wars Ladder #43 netherlands CallMeSam
    Clan Wars Ladder #46 iran RouGe
    Clan Wars Ladder #48 france Moliere
    Clan Wars Ladder #50 us -FireLorD
    Clan Wars Ladder #52 canada Mp3
    Clan Wars Ladder #56 hungary kittykittykitty

    Shatabrick Ladder #25 hungary Balu101
    Shatabrick Ladder #27 peru HotRot
    Shatabrick Ladder #29cyprus Aysina
    Shatabrick Ladder #31 uk AnT1_Pr0
    Shatabrick Ladder #42 austria -CyanSpider^
    Shatabrick Ladder #43 switzerland FaMaFreNcH
    Shatabrick Ladder #53 russia FAS^Fox^SF-
    Shatabrick Ladder #67 ukraine srusis
    Shatabrick Ladder #70 us EmiLiO
    Shatabrick Ladder #71 us myboi
    Shatabrick Ladder #75 germany JimmyBangfrog
    Shatabrick Ladder #83 iran -CoMMaNDo^
    Shatabrick Ladder #88 germany ReLaX
    Shatabrick Ladder #92 us HotCrossBones
    Shatabrick Ladder #131 portugal -DarK9^
    Shatabrick Ladder #141 canada Flameck

The Format + Rules (please read carefully)

  • Gentool version 8.4 mandatory. Important: Upload mode has to be on!
  • Round 1 - Best of 9
    Round 2 - Best of 11
    Round 3 - Best of 11
    Round 4 (Quarter Finals) - Best of 13
    Round 5 (Semi Finals) - Best of 13
    Round 6 (Finals and 3rd place) - Best of 13
  • The games are Random Reverse with a mirror as a tiebreaker unless players can agree on MatchUps. If you get a mirror at anytime before the decider, you donít have to play it twice, play the mirror and then choose the next map and back to random reverse. The deciding match of each best of round has to be a given mirror:
    • Round 1: If the score is 4-4 the deciding match has to be a GLA Stealth mirror.
    • Round 2: If the score is 5-5 the deciding match has to be a China Nuke Mirror.
    • Round 3: If the score is 5-5 the deciding match has to be a GLA Demolition mirror.
    • Round 4: If the score is 6-6 the deciding match has to be a USA Laser Mirror.
    • Round 5: If the score is 6-6 the deciding match has to be a China Tank mirror.
    • Round 6: If the score is 6-6 the deciding match has to be a USA Airforce Mirror.
  • The top player in the bracket match-up will choose first map, then each map pick will alternate between the players. For the semi finals and the finals, the higher numbered seed will choose first map. If there are multiple map versions available (v1, v2, etc.) the latest version has to be played. Each map may only be played once per round.
  • Our Fair Play Rules and Standard Tournament Rules apply.
    Placing scaffolds beyond their intended purpose to build and complete the structures are not allowed with the exception of:
    • Placing a scaffold with the intent of creating a building.
    • Removing GLA scraps at any time and any location on the map.
    • Forcing guarding enemy air units within close scaffold proximity to shoot onto the ground.
    • Placing for survival purposes to remain in the game, but as not to interfere with enemy units or buildings.
    • Placing scaffolds to trick opponent's waypoint scouting efforts.
    • Placing scaffolds to remove destroyed buildings or flatten terrain.
    • Placing scaffolds to protect Workers/Dozers/Trucks.
  • Play your World Series games under your Gamereplays.org account name to avoid confusion (unless you are SiZe).
  • Livestreams mandatory from Round 2 onwards. It would be nice to have as many matches from the first round live streamed as well but this is not a "must have".
  • Banned and Suspended Participants are not allowed to sign up.
  • If any player is suspended for whatever reason at any time during the tournament, even if its for 1 day, he will be disqualified from the tournament!
  • The Hosts reserve the right to deny a player from signing up for the tournament.


  • [RANK] TD NoBugsCars ZH v1
  • [RANK] Snowy Drought v4
  • [RANK] Vendetta ZH v1
  • [RANK] Sand Scorpion
  • [RANK] Arctic Lagoon
  • [RANK] Forgotten Air Battle v6
  • [RANK] Desolated District ZH v1
  • [RANK] Cold Territory ZH v2
  • [RANK] Liquid Gold ZH v2
  • [RANK] Natural Threats ZH v3
  • [RANK] [NMC] Summer Arena
  • [RANK] Tournament Delta ZH v2
  • [RANK] Canyon of the Dead ZH v2
  • [RANK] Farmlands of the Fallen ZH v1
  • [RANK] Planet Coyon v1
Please note that whilst Farmlands of the Fallen and Planet Coyon are not RANKed yet, they will be before the Tournament starts & it will be mandatory to play on their RANKed versions.

Current Prize Pool: $ 3,006 + ($250 = Objects) (via PayPal only)


Sponsored byPrizes awarded for:
  • Winner - 1,500 Dollars (50%)
  • Runner-Up - 750 Dollars (25%)
  • 3rd Place - 350 Dollars (12%)
  • 4th Place - 190 Dollars (6%)
  • 3 Random participants that have reached at least Round 2 and have finished all of their matches regularly - $50 each (has to be someone else than top 4 players)
  • WS Prediction Competition Winner - 40 Dollars
  • WS Prediction Competition RunnerUp - 20 Dollars

Seeding Method:

First 32 ranked (and signed) players from ClanWars and the first 32 ranked (and signed) players from Online 1v1 Ladder will be added to pots.

First 16 ClanWars Ladder Players in Pot 1
First 16 C&C:Online 1v1 Ladder Players in Pot 2
Next 16 ClanWars Ladder Players in Pot 3
Next 16 C&C:Online 1v1 Ladder Players in Pot 4

(*1)Players that are ranked from ClanWars will be skipped in Shatabrick to remove duplicates of course.

(*2) With an exception for Expert players: All GameReplays.org titled expert players that ranked in Pot #3 or #4 are automatically moved to Pot #2 and push lower ranked players down to Pot #3 and Pot #4. This will guarantee no Expert vs Expert matches in Round #1.

Players within the pots are randomly seeded and matched against each other in Round 1 in the following form:

Pot #1 vs Pot #4
Pot #2 vs Pot #3


What will happen if a game ends in a disconnect, crash or mismatch?
If the game mismatches or someone disconnects, the game will have to be re-played unless there was a clear winner at the point of disconnection/crash/mismatching. In this case that player will be awarded the victory. If you are unable to agree on this, upload the replay and a tournament referee will decide.

Guidelines For Streaming

Guideline for Players
Arrange your matches as early as possible with opponent and streamer. Do NOT (!) ask opponent for times, instead post times that work for you!
Show up on time for the arranged match schedule.
Verify that GenTool Upload Mode is set to SAVE ALL before match start.
Match Streamers are encouraged to stream matches and are obliged to seek approval from match participants and tournament organizer(s). Players are obliged to allow match streamer(s), unless there are legitimate reasons to reject the request, for example due issues with unacceptable latency or commentary bias.

Guideline for Match Streamers
Streamer can get in touch with players to arrange a fixed match time and await approval from all participants.
Please announce streams as early as possible in the forum by posting a link to the video channel.
If possible, all match participants should try to arrange a connection test to identify and solve any potential issues early.
Before streaming, check that the microphone audio and game audio + video is properly setup. Prefer louder voice volume over game volume. Add all participants to the buddy list.
When commentating matches, please keep a professional and unbiased attitude at all times. Avoid conversations that are unrelated to the event, the players and the matches.
If the streamer loses the connections during a match, the players can keep on playing their match until complete. When done, the players need to wait for the return of the streamer unless the streamer is gone for good. The streamer may watch the replay quickly to show the audience what he was missing after his disconnect, without letting the players wait for longer than necessary to show the missing content from the replay.
If players become unhappy with the connection speed, as it surpasses 24 frames latency and/or occasional long stalls, which makes playing difficult for the players, all match observers need to leave the match. It is recommended to continue the stream by showing the game action from replays, as they become uploaded to the GenTool server. The streamer may give moderator privileges to video chat users to mute other users that would post match spoilers in the process.

The following kind of replies are not allowed:
1. Spam
2. Off Topic Discussions
3. Derogatory comments about the players or the streamers

Violating posts will be removed from view and are subject to further moderation.
This topic will be moved to the Zero Hour Tournaments forum upon completion.

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# 2MrX May 1 2021, 10:27 AM
In, Shatabrick #01 MrX, Germany

Plan is to start the WS next weekend together with the deadlines. Will be similar to last year.

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# 3AnT1_Pr0 May 1 2021, 10:29 AM
In, Shatabrick #31 Inferus88 (playing under AnT1_Pr0 of course), UK

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# 4scuba May 1 2021, 10:30 AM
In #6 CW England/Australia

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Game: CNC Zero Hour

# 5Nick Pine May 1 2021, 10:31 AM
In, Shatabrick #10 Nick Pine, Russia

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Game: CNC Zero Hour

# 6-DarK9^ May 1 2021, 10:36 AM
In, Shatabrick #131 DarK9, Portugal

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Clan: Falcon

Game: CNC Zero Hour

# 7StaZzz May 1 2021, 10:39 AM

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# 8HuMaN1ty May 1 2021, 10:43 AM
In, Clan Wars Ladder #18 HuMMi, Netherlands

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Clan: Order Of The Elites

Game: CNC Zero Hour

# 9-CyanSpider^ May 1 2021, 10:47 AM
In, Shatabrick ladder, rank 42, Country: Austria
Playing as CyanSpider

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# 10OssDimoss May 1 2021, 10:47 AM
In, Shatabrick #17 ossproject Russia (playing under OssDimoss)

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# 11ReLaX May 1 2021, 10:47 AM
In, 88 Shata.

Can we please check to use latest version of Tournament Delta. I can check later, but I think v3 is the one Xezon will upload to the rank map pool.

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# 12OoE-ExCaL^ May 1 2021, 10:50 AM
In, CW rank 1, UK.

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# 13Makeveli44 May 1 2021, 10:54 AM
im in
Clanwars rank -8- italy

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# 14Herb May 1 2021, 11:25 AM
In, Clan Wars #17 Herb, New Zealand

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Clan: -MaD|

Game: CNC Zero Hour

# 15Moliere May 1 2021, 11:37 AM
In, shatabrik #30 and #48 cw France

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# 16BogomDaniy May 1 2021, 11:41 AM
In, shatabrik#6, Ukraine

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Game: CNC Zero Hour

# 17-Wraith May 1 2021, 12:02 PM
In #12 shatabrick England

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Game: None

# 18FlameIORI May 1 2021, 12:19 PM
In, Clan Wars Ladder #34 IORI, Saudi Arabia

Posts: 4,033

Clan: WwW.

Game: CNC Zero Hour

# 19BoYcaH0 May 1 2021, 12:19 PM
In, cw rank #12, USA

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Game: CNC Zero Hour

# 20Aysina May 1 2021, 12:25 PM
In, shatabrik #29, Cyprus

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