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[BFME2] Terrain painting tools

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# 1Raist Aug 2 2006, 18:11 PM
Terrain painting tools

Short guide

This tutorial how to use some tools in BMFE2 World Builder. These tools are
  • Texture
  • Passablity
  • Passage Width
  • Taintablity
  • Flammability
  • Visibilty
I will be adding a short video, hopefully. Although this is not sure, I need to find proper hosting site first.

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1. *Passable.
This is the default setting for your landscape. Although WB automatically can alter this when heights are raised/lowered

2. Impassable.
Means that nothing basically can go through here. Use if impassable zone is desired.

3. Impassable to players.
Players in the map cannot pass this zone, but creeps and such can.

4. "Extra" Passable.
This is "Extra" Passable, and means that this zone has extra passablity.

Passage Width:
Attached Image

1. *Narrow.
Basically never use this. Terrain and passablity should do this by default. Just makes pathfinding difficult.

2. Open.

Default passablity width.

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1. *Taintable.
You can cast powers on this zone.

2. Untaintable.
You cannot cast powers on this area ( Rebuild, summon ents, etc. )

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1. **Fire Resistant.
This terrain will not catch flame, default.

2. Grass.
Moderate level of flammablity.

3. Highly Flammable.
High level of flammablity. Preferably not used on important base area.

4. Undefined.
Undefined area. Can be Grass, Highly Flammable or something between.

Attached Image

1. *Visible.
Area is visible for both players.

2. Not visible.
This area is not visible and is not shown for any players.


*These blue squares there are, are the default brush. They are shown as 'uncolored' when map is viewed in worldbuilder.

I'd appreciate any constructive criticism concerning this guide.

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# 2Puzzler33 Jul 30 2009, 23:21 PM
I'm not sure exactly what extra passable areas are supposed to do, but I assumed that troops moving to a location may favour the extra passable routes rather than the shortest length route provided the extra passable route isn't too long. I applied this idea to a tower war map that I made (the map failed btw) so that any units walking down the path would gravitate towards the middle rather than cut corners. It didn't work and the extra passability seemed to have absolutely no effect. It is possible that this feature was scrapped and there is no reason to use it ... ever?

Just to mention a couple of things...
If you have a non-visible area between a building and a unit, provided the building would be able to be seen by the unit normally, the vision of the unit past the non-visible area is not affected, so the unit can still see the building.
If you have a unit or building within a non-visible area, the sight of that unit/building is not affected (so they can see outside the area).
So essentially I think all that non-visible areas do is make everything in that area black, including buildings and units within that area?

A highly flammable area will catch fire and spread quickly if it is exposed to fire (ie catapults with firestone upgrade firing at area or archers with fire arrows bombarding area).
A 'grass' area will not catch fire if it is bombarded but will spread the flames slowly if it is on fire already (am I right? It may be that it can catch fire but does it slowly).

Make all cliffs and water untaintable to make sure that 'incorrect' textures are not applied to them by way of tainting powers. (For example if you leave a cliff as taintable then the spellbook power that the elves have of making an area more grassy that makes trees and gives leadership in the area may be cast on the cliff, so it will stop looking like a cliff rather quickly).

I may be stating the obvious but I thought I'd say anyway.
Btw can you enlighten me about what undefined flammability is? In-game will the area be flammable or not?

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