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9/11/2006: Anti-Tank Guns

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# 1Moony Sep 10 2006, 23:39 PM
Allies Tip #3

Anti-Tank Guns

The Allied AT-Gun has a special armor piercing ability that nearly doubles it's damage output to all vehicles and gives a much higher chance for shells to penetrate armor, even the front armor of the heaviest tanks. Place your AT-Gun behind the bulk of your force since they have massive range, the best unit to support an AT-Gun is a HMG so they can pin enemy infantry down preventing them from reaching your gun. Once you have it properly defended, set it up with a good line of sight and activate the armor piercing ability whenever a stug or puma comes near.

IPB Image

By: Sepha

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# 2TAWFiedor Sep 11 2006, 15:43 PM
The problem I find with putting a machine gun team is that if they are facing the wrong direction (when no building available), your team gets flanked hard. Putting a sniper between two ATs can proviude better 360 degree coverage. Does anyone have suggestions around machine gun positioning?

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# 3Darth Zaxis Sep 11 2006, 15:48 PM
like in the screenshot, you can put mg in building, which will provide about 360 coverage, a sniper cant stop mass infantry, mg can.

if there is no building, put MG behind ATs and have field of fire cover all your ATs

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# 4Bridger Sep 11 2006, 21:07 PM
For deployable units you need to right click and drag in the dirction you want them to arc fire.

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# 5Lusus Sep 3 2008, 03:22 AM
Anyone have a link to images of the range on AT? (and other weapons)

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# 6simmo108 Jun 29 2011, 01:22 AM

you can get the range when you right click and hold on your AT to set your direction it also gives the arc of fire ,although i find the axis AT has longer range i usually take them with my inf and make light work of there vehicles .....always a nice payback

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