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out of sync errors wirth recorded games

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# 1rjmyth Sep 22 2006, 15:45 PM
hey all.
i mainly only get the out of sync error when wathing recorded games, it seems to happen at certain points in the game eg the most recent was the 2.2k+ 2 germans vs brits and someone, this game let me watch the rec for 2 seconds then said "record game stopped because it is out of sync with the original game".

dunno if this is the same thing but simarlarly when playing diablo 2 lod occasionally i randomly get connecion interupted,sometimes it just kicks me out without saying anything every minute im in a game and quits me to the forum. additionally theres also an error message which exits the whole game to desktop with something about unrecoverable error 6fce....something.

any help is greatly appreciated

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# 2-Lethality- Sep 22 2006, 16:46 PM
Its probably because of the latest patch 1.09.

This link will help avoid the OoS you are getting:


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# 3rjmyth Sep 23 2006, 17:04 PM
thx its sorted now

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