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9/24/2006: Commander Selection

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# 1Moony Sep 24 2006, 05:27 AM
Axis Tip #8

Commander Selection

Never, ever pick your Doctrine Tree right off the bat. Always wait until your in a situation where a Commander's ability can help turn the game right then and there. Also make sure that when pathing down the tree, you can put every single one of those abilities to good use. If not, then you're just wasting your points and should be allocating them elsewhere. The worst tihng you could possibly do is put points into something conflicts with your ingame strategy. If you put points into a munition heavy ability when you're using munition heavy upgrades (such as Grendiers or 50mm Pumas), you're not only wasting your points but the abilities that you picked won't be used. Commander selection is a very important factor that should be thought out very carefully.


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# 2Gnug315 Sep 24 2006, 15:36 PM
So true.

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# 3generaloctavian Oct 8 2006, 13:40 PM
i agree completley.

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