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10/24/2006: Anti-Tank Guns

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# 1Moony Oct 24 2006, 02:45 AM
General Tip #20

Anti-Tank Guns

AT guns are the most basic, powerful way of dealing with enemy armor. They cost no fuel or munitions, and rip up enemy armor extremely well. But how to keep them from being easily quashed?

-Spread them out, and have them cover each other. The AT guns should be pretty far apart, so that artillery cannot kill them all in one go. They should also be pointed so that they cover each others' flanks. If one is flanked, the others should pick up the slack. If Axis, CAMO your AT guns, so he wont know they're there until it's too late.

-Try and set them up so that some of the AT guns can hit the side or rear armor of the enemy tanks

-If you're defending a position, put sandbags in front. The cover will be useful. Also, think about using mines. Not only will they suppress/pin any infantry that try to assault your guns, they will disable the engines of vehicles that try to flank

-Cover them from enemy infantry, snipers and mortars. With a good AT gun set up, you are pretty much impervious to tanks. He will try and kill your AT guns with infantry, so be ready to defend them and cut him down if he tries to get close. Machine guns work well for this, but make sure you don't bunch up. He should not be able to wipe a lot of your stuff out with artillery.

-The health bar shown is the health of the gunners, not the cannon. Make sure, after every battle, you have engineers repairing the AT guns by right clicking on the AT gun (NOT the gunners). It will stop tank shells from spontaneously taking out your AT guns.

-Keep them back. AT guns have some insane range. Use that to your advantage. Keep them behind your force.

By: Demonic Spoon

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# 2SOPSCompy Oct 24 2006, 03:47 AM
nice, especially the repairing, never thought about that

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# 3END3R Oct 24 2006, 04:02 AM
If I've said it once, I've said it a million times, AT guns make me want to hide under my desk in battle.

Nice tip, I will definetally try to utilize the Sandbangs.

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# 4Glingo Oct 24 2006, 05:07 AM
You can see AT gun's healthbar, it's a yellow bar under the AT pic (if i remember correctly tongue.gif )

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# 5SALUKI Oct 24 2006, 21:09 PM
Nice tip, i didnt know about the AT guns until they owned my Sherman in a game last week biggrin.gif

Also, make sure u have a jeep to counter any snipers that try to kill your AT crew.

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# 6markGSI Oct 24 2006, 21:20 PM
make sure to use the AP abilty as well

that RIPS apart armour, i like to use rifles as spotters for the AT guns and as support smile.gif

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