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Posting & Watching Replay Packs

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# 1WISE Architect Apr 25 2007, 13:17 PM

Posting Guideline

Just a couple things to keep in mind when posting your replay packs!

Make sure the title follows the [Version] [US/WM/PE/CW/Mixed/Team] [Defining Title!] For example:

[2.602] [Mixed] My Uber Replay Pack!

You must also have a minimum of 5 replays for it to be considered a pack and it must be uploaded as either a ".rar." or ".zip" archive, even in both formats if you choose to.

There are no limits on what kind of replays you can include in your replay packs. Post anything you are proud of and post as many replay packs as you like!

Viewing Replays in a Pack

1) Save the replay pack to a location on your computer.

2) Open the archive file using the appropriate program, here are the file types and programs:
- .rar files are opened with WinRar.
- .zip files are opened using Winzip

3) Extract the file to your replay folder.
The default for Windows is C:\My Documents\My Games\Company of Heroes\playback.

4) Start CoH and all the replays in the pack should be listed in your recorded games menu if the versions match. (current version is 2.602)

5) Grab some popcorn, perhaps a cold beverage, and enjoy the games!

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