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Does your IQ Matter in RTS?

What's your IQ?
9.80% (5)
90 or below
1.96% (1)
1.96% (1)
3.92% (2)
7.84% (4)
19.61% (10)
19.61% (10)
9.80% (5)
1.96% (1)
5.88% (3)
1.96% (1)
15.69% (8)
171 or above

Total Votes: 51
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# 21AgmLauncher Sep 4 2005, 08:08 AM
This has been posted before hasnt it?

In any case, yes, I believe having a high IQ is what allows people to be good RTS players. IQ is your capacity to learn, to think analytically, and improvise solutions based on past experience (i.e. you can extrapolate and indirect answer to a problem you do not have a direct answer to, simply based on your past experience). A high IQ typically means you've got exceptionally good pattern recognition. The problem with most IQ tests is they rely heavily on measuring you pattern recognizing skills. While good pattern recognition is a indication of high IQ, it's nothing more than a byproduct and should not be used solely as a measuring tool.

But anyway, those qualities I mentioned above make a world of difference in skill differences between gamers. Of course a really intelligent person who only plays a game a week isn't going to be as good as an idiot spammer who plays 32432 games a day. At that point, the idiot's pure experience trumps the intelligence of the inexperienced player.

So there is a crucial mix of intelligence, reflexes, and experience that is required to be the best at RTS games. Those who have lots of all three, are always gonna be on top.

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# 22AngryHan Sep 4 2005, 08:17 AM
I did Test the Nation the IQ Test on TV ^^ and got a score of 127 w00t!

Think of it this way, can a monkey play RTS? Its IQ really isn't high enough to allow for that.

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# 23The All Mighty Sep 4 2005, 08:31 AM
As far as im concerned, im good as some goods and i suck at others, for instince im not really a good bfme player but i am extremely good at classiscs like AOe2 and Empire earth( very good game btw) , it all depends how the gameplay is for me, also i notice that as soon as a i start the play tehg ame, if im good ill stay good and i might get alittle better along they way, but if im terible at the star ti never tend to get better, i always am either good or bad from the start. cool2.gif

Anyways, as for the IQ really making a diference,i say only if you have a REALLY high IQ or a really LOW IQ will it really make any difference in the end, because every game requires to learn specifi startegies, memorizing hotkeys, remmebering units costs, and of course the more you play the better you get also, for most games, but as statted above for me i play really for the soul purpose of fun so i dont usesually really care if im good or not as long as im not a total noob. unsure.gif

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# 24Diploid Sep 4 2005, 09:05 AM
My IQ is 138 so I voted this one:134-140 smile.gif

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# 25toncica Sep 4 2005, 10:19 AM
An IQ test is usually measuring different ways of analytical abilities. With a high IQ you can still suck in RTS because the skills needed for it could be the ones you are lacking. You make up for that with different talents. A genius chess player most likely would be a very good RTS player while a genius in theoretical physics could absolutely suck in this game. Einstein could be owned by someone with an average or low IQ.

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# 26Scuddy Sep 4 2005, 10:31 AM
I believe you dont need a super IQ to be a brilliant RTS player. From what I have noticed most people here are doing a bit higher education than average people. So thats what I expect from the IQ here. An IQ a bit above average is enough to make you a good player.

You have 2 kinds of good players though. Most people are the one from learning replays, analysing it, seeing what can be improved and using it. While the other kind are the people who dont need to watch there replays. If they see something not working they are gonna do something total different. These are a small group in for example ZH. The clearest example is Fox333 here.

About my IQ, I dont know. I expect them to be 110-130 now and 120-140 in the future(as child ur head is developping, I am 16 years old now)

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# 27Zvonnee Sep 4 2005, 12:03 PM
QUOTE(Cymru|CyRaX^ @ Sep 4 2005, 07:18 AM)
Im not kissing ass or anything, but it baffles me your IQ is only 136...you're quite possibly the smartest person I've ever talked to. Sometimes your extremist views make you sound unintelligent imo, but underneath it all you're very smart.

I know a few people that are smarter than me. Codeus (used to post here) is in the 140+'s, insanely smart, a friend of mine (John Paul), scored perfect on SAT's, he's in the 140's as well. I'm not that intelligent, for example I'm horrible with math. I've failed Algebra I-II for the 3rd year in a row. Funny ain't it, I'm the only computer programmer who doesn't know algebra biggrin.gif. Fuck algebra though, I'd just get a nice trade job, nothing fancy - our computer jobs are being outsourced anyway, why continue with programming....

Over 140 - Genius or near genius

120 - 140 - Very superior intelligence

110 - 119 - Superior intelligence

90 - 109 - Normal or average intelligence

80 - 89 - Dullness

70 - 79 - Borderline deficiency

Under 70 - Definite feeble-mindedness


Upper Level IQ Ratings.

115-124 - Above average (e.g., university students)
125-134 - Gifted (e.g., post-graduate students)
135-144 - Highly gifted (e.g., intellectuals)
145-154 - Genius (e.g., professors)
155-164 - Genius (e.g., Nobel Prize winners)
165-179 - High genius
180-200 - Highest genius
>200 - "Unmeasurable genius"

Einstein was supposed to have only an IQ of 160 - apparently we have 2 people on here smarter than him...

Like I've said, this poll is an inaccurate determination of the average IQ's of the gr users.

It should be more like this:
(IQ:Percentage of users who have it)
0-90: 10%
91-110: 80%
111+: 10%

Not 111+ = 90%

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# 28Trojan. Sep 4 2005, 12:52 PM
As Above.

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# 29The All Mighty Sep 4 2005, 13:17 PM
Einstein's intellegence was not mesurable by a test of any kind, if einstein only got 160( for him that would be REALLY low) then it proves that there are different kinds of brains with have much much different capabilaties, sometimes someone who has a low IQ could own in math and such, it all depends on how your very own brain works cool2.gif also i really wonder if anyone would ever vonlenter to have there own brain examined while there still alive, very dangerous, but the amount of info we could actually get would be beyond messuration...

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# 30Venganz Sep 4 2005, 13:38 PM
i dont think that you need a really high iq to play rts because
after a while after making strats it just becomes a click and key fest
micromanagement doesnt involve thinking but just fast clickig and sorta typing skills
my IQ though is 150 tongue.gif

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# 31Diploid Sep 4 2005, 14:10 PM
A genius chess player most likely would be a very good RTS player

That is half true because chess it actually Turn Based Strategy and Mind-Future Strategy while an RTS stands for Real Time Strategy so you have to make very quick decisions in the game.And maybe not even looking into the future because you're always moving your units and battalions.

So some great chess players are generally good turn-based/future mind strategic players.So some may find it difficult playing a RTS game for the first time because chess players are thinking what to do next and what he'll might do,but it an RTS game it different.Because if those units have upgrades and other don't,the upgraded ones usually survive.

So yea... thumb.gif smile.gif

Also chess players might be thinking what to do next and end up losing one of their battalions wihtout noticing.

I'm a medium chess player and a medium RTS players so I am in between so I might easely get beaten by an incredible RTS gamer but can beat him easely in chess.

It really depends how hard you work on both Strategy Elements.

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# 32ToNy-BLaiR Sep 4 2005, 14:16 PM
I think I was 146 when I did an IQ test a while back, and yes it does make you a better player if you are intelligent (Obviously not in my case though tongue.gif)

Mind you, micro comes with experience of the game, what strats you do come with experience, intelligence comes into play when you need to make a decision, a choice between 1 or the other on the battlefield, what decision you take will affect the outcome of the game, so a certain level of intelligence is needed, but experience is more important .


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# 33toncica Sep 4 2005, 18:12 PM
QUOTE(Alaska @ Sep 4 2005, 03:10 PM)
That is half true because chess it actually Turn Based Strategy and Mind-Future Strategy while an RTS stands for Real Time Strategy so you have to make very quick decisions in the game.And maybe not even looking into the future because you're always moving your units and battalions.

It was just a theory but I find it very likely to be true. Consider how a chess player of the highest caliber can play and own a number of average players when playing them simultaniously. He has to analyze the situation and make a decision in a second, some amazing micro imo when he is playing like 1vs10. Great chess players aim for control of the map, the eyes are focused on the patterns of empty fields most of the time, not on the figures.

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# 34firgli Sep 4 2005, 19:11 PM
IQ test doesnt really mean anything I always get anything between 130-160 so I'd be 145 i guess unsure.gif. it does not really have anything to do with RTS imo, you need a certain IQ ( like 90 or something) and im pretty sure that you cant play properly when your below that level but i dont think that a higher IQ would add much, other variables then decide how good you are at the game...

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# 35Yumi Sep 4 2005, 19:24 PM
I haven't had an IQ test in ages, I did have one of the highest IQs in my Year at school though (not too tough in BARRY COMPREHENSIVE ^^)

I'm in the 140s somewhere, dunno exactly where though.

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# 36Uptown Sep 4 2005, 19:25 PM
well it does if you dont know that Red Guards own Emperor tanks tbh.

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# 37bigotry2 Sep 4 2005, 19:26 PM
So apparently the average on this forum is 140... Which you know can't be right.

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# 38a1ZeroOne Sep 4 2005, 19:31 PM
QUOTE(GiGaNToR @ Sep 4 2005, 06:57 AM)
Most players here are among the best in their respective RTS.  RTS games involve strategic thinking and micromanagement on different areas of the map at the same time.  It obviously takes a little intelligence to do this.  My question though, is how much.  What is your IQ?

Do you think that IQ helps you in RTS?  Does it correlate with skills?

i've never had my IQ tested so I didn't vote on the poll. (there usually isn't any real reason to test IQ unless someone thinks you might have some learning disability/mental disorder. I bet that most people that claim they know their IQs either just made them up or used unreliable on-line "IQ tests")

anyway, intelligence definitely does help to some extent with playing RTS games well. Obviously, if you're thick, you wouldn't even be able to understand how to play an RTS. But intelligence probably isn't the main factor which differentiates the top players from the average players or even below average players.

The most important factor in determining how good you are at an RTS is undebatably experience. The first time you play an RTS, you will probably be awful at it unless you've played a very similar game before. The second most important is probably the extent to which you are able to learn to perform a task when it is appropriate without having to actively think about what you're doing. That could be called reflexes, but it isn't really a reflex because it doesn't involve a sudden response to external stimuli. It's probably that second point which differentiates between the top and average players (i.e. the extent to which you can learn to execute tactics/strategies without thinking about them and in the appropriate circumstances). The second point also determines how much practise will help you improve at the RTS game.

basically, i don't think IQ is that important a factor in RTS games because there just isn't enough time to reflect on what's going on in the game carefully in the same way as you might be able to in, for example, chess.

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# 39`Imrahil Sep 4 2005, 19:31 PM
124 tbh

you guys all make me feel retarded sad.gif

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# 40vilm Sep 4 2005, 20:02 PM
my iq is 1337 tongue.gif

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