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Team Fortress 2

What is Team fortress 2 and where can I get it?

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# 1KlunG Nov 6 2007, 17:50 PM
[h1]Team Fortress 2[/h1]
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Team Fortress 2 is a multiplayer FPS game created by Valve, the creators of the Halflife and Counter strike franchises. The gameplay consists of capture the flag or control point capture modes where two teams ( Red and Blue), battle against eachother. The players can choose between 8 unique character classes which has its weaknesses and strenghts, making the tactical gameplay really good. It is a really fast paced game where teamwork and strategies are essential to win vs a good team, and with a unique visualisation of the characters and the gfx in general, this is a game worth buying and playing.

Where can i buy it?

The simplest way to get the game is trough steam where you can buy it as a standalone product for 29.99 $. It is also included in the Half life Orange box package which costs 49.99 $. This package is higly recommended due to its great content for the prize of one game. With games like Halflife 2, Halflife 2 Episode 1 and 2, Portal and Team fortress 2.

Link to Team fortress 2 purchase options at STEAM

You can also buy the orange box at your local retailer for the prize of one computer game if you do not wish to buy it from steam.

Here are some trailers from Gametrailers.com showing some of the classes you can play as in Team Fortress 2.

Teaser trailer and GC 2006 trailer:

Both trailers introduce you to most of the classes ingame.

More character class videos:

Meet the soldier

Meet the engineer

Meet the heavy

Meet the demoman

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