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The Asian Dynasties

GameReplays.org $250 The Asian Dynasties Tournament

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# 1DanaEileithyia Nov 9 2007, 17:00 PM

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GameReplays 1v1 Asian Dynasties Tournament.

Once again, GameReplays.org is going to host a huge tournament! This time for the new expansion pack, The Asian Dynasties. So far we have a grand total of $250 for prize money, and sign-ups are open now!

The rules:
  • The first round begins the 19th of November. Each round lasts a week with the exception of the Christmas/New Year period.
  • The tournament is open for 128 players. In case we get more than 200 signups, we will open it up to 256 players.
  • Prize money is $250. $175 of this goes to the winner, while $50 is awarded to second, and $25 will be given to the third place finisher.
  • All rounds are best of three, which means you will have to beat your opponent twice in order to advance to the next round. The final 2 rounds will be best of five.
  • All civilizations and Home City levels are allowed, but you have to use an Asian civ at least once each round. In the last 2 rounds you have to use an Asian civ at least twice.
  • Gamereplays chooses the first maps of each round and after that if a third game is necessary the loser of the previous game picks the next map.
  • All games are to be recorded and posted in our TAD Tournaments Replay Forum.
How to signup?

Signups are open now and they will be closed 17 November 12 GMT.

Signing up is easy the only thing you have to do is make a post in this topic with the following information:

GameReplays Account:
ESO Account:
E-mail Adress:
ELO-Rating Link:

Please don't include your current 1v1 rating but a link to your elorating stats because of the fluctuation in ratings due to the recent release of the game.

GameReplays Account: Luigi
ESO Account: iGiuL
E-mail Adress: luigi_knoppers@hotmail.com
ELO-rating: iGiuL's Rating

Please only sign-up if you have read, understand, and agree with all rules.

Ask your Tournament Questions Here!

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# 2Necrote Nov 9 2007, 18:15 PM
GameReplays Account: Necrote
ESO Account: Necrote
E-mail Adress: rutger_tukker@hotmail.com
ELO-rating: http://www.elorating.com/portal/portal/def...hString=necrote

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# 3Mr. Wrex Nov 9 2007, 18:41 PM
GameReplays Account: Mr. Scetch

ESO Account: Mr_Scetch
E-mail adress: mr_scetch@hotmail.com
ELo rating: http://www.elorating.com/portal/portal/def...tring=Mr_Scetch

Hey, can we play via direct connect?

That way all players can make use of all possible cards through SP HC hacking....

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# 4VooDoo_BoSs Nov 9 2007, 18:56 PM
Gamereplays Account: VooDoo_BoSs

ESO Account: VooDoo_BoSs
E-mail adress: VooDoo_Liosif@hotmail.com
EloRating: See signature.

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# 5CFC_NaturePhoenix Nov 9 2007, 21:13 PM
GR account: CFC_NaturePhoenix
ESO account: NaturePhoenix
email: karsten.hager@t-online.de
ELO: 2155, ELO

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# 6DanaEileithyia Nov 9 2007, 22:14 PM
GR account: DanaEileithyia
ESO account: DanaEileithyia
email: Not necessary for me to mention happy.gif (when needed pm me!)
ELO: DanaEileithyia

Yes, I'm participating myself banana.gif

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# 7vK_Anduril Nov 9 2007, 22:19 PM
GR account: vK_Anduril
ESO account: Anduril
email: pwgandalf83@hotmail.com
elo: Anduril

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# 8Hockeystar Nov 9 2007, 22:44 PM
GameReplays Account: Hockeystar
ESO Account: Hockeystar
E-mail Adress: eckert.david4@gmail.com
ELO-rating: http://www.elorating.com/portal/portal/default/Players

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# 9ToX_DeceaseD Nov 9 2007, 22:48 PM
GR account: ToX_DeceaseD
ESO account: Anthrax_
email: samoht_wiik@hotmail.com
elo: Anthrax_

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# 10firgli Nov 9 2007, 22:50 PM
GameReplays Account: Luigi
ESO Account: iGiuL
E-mail Adress: luigi_knoppers@hotmail.com
ELO-rating: http://www.elorating.com/portal/portal/def...uL&action=2


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# 11_rdm_ Nov 9 2007, 22:57 PM

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# 12NanoX Nov 9 2007, 22:59 PM
ESO: NanoX
E-Mail: schajad@mng.ch

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# 13George_III Nov 9 2007, 23:14 PM
GameReplays Account: George_III
ESO Account: George_III
E-mail Adress: fromagepizza@gmail.com
ELO-Rating Link: Link

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# 14FOX_LegolaS Nov 9 2007, 23:15 PM
GameReplays Account: FOX_LegolaS
ESO Account: LegolaS
E-mail Adress: cesar_np5@hotmail.com
ELO-Rating Link: http://www.elorating.com/portal/portal/def...hString=legolaS

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# 15Asgard Nov 9 2007, 23:22 PM
GameReplays Account: Asgard
ESO Account: Asgard
E-mail Adress: felipereyesazul@hotmail.com
ELO-Rating Link: http://www.elorating.com/portal/portal/def...chString=Asgard

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# 16FOX.trech Nov 9 2007, 23:25 PM
GameReplays Account: FOX.trech
ESO Account: trech
E-mail Adress: guilherme.fcs@gmail.com
ELO-Rating Link: trech ELO - HERE

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# 17Parfait Nov 9 2007, 23:25 PM

dont have time, cant participate

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# 18DarKclouD_ Nov 9 2007, 23:37 PM
GameReplays Account: DarKclouD_
ESO Account: DarKclouD_
E-mail Adress: jgbrewst@mail.usf.edu
ELO-Rating Link: http://www.elorating.com/portal/portal/def...ring=darkcloud_

thx for the tourny!!!

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# 19cobraII Nov 9 2007, 23:43 PM
game reply account: CobraII
eso name: CobraII
E-mail: Trent.McCausland@hotmail.com
ELO rating:http://www.elorating.com/portal/portal/def...hString=cobraII

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# 20Flooky Nov 9 2007, 23:47 PM
GameReplays Account: Flooky
ESO Account: Flooky
E-mail Adress: falsum_error at web dot de
ELO-rating: 2120

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