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# 1Thrandy Dec 16 2007, 00:39 AM
IGN and Game Informer have just released their official reviews of Universe at War today. Both websites share generally the same opinions: the campaign was lacking in terms of entertainment and AI has issues, but overall the gameplay is great. Thus, IGN gives UaW a solid 8.0 and Game Informer a respectable 8.25 rating.

At first glance, this title has everything a triple-A RTS needs. The factions play very differently, a huge mix of units makes for extremely varied strategic options, and the carnage is fast and furious. Whether youíre commanding the Novusí legions of highly mobile robots, the Hierarchyís towering walkers, or the Masariís tree-hugging idealists, building up your forces and conquering the world is a blast.

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# 2Campaigner Dec 17 2007, 15:32 PM
Ubelievable....do those five blocks of text qualify as a review these days..?

NOT good enough! Those two reviews are not good enough. One of the reviews mention hardpoints but don't explain what they are. He also says he likes to see Novus units zip across the map but don't explain anything about the flow....and not a single word about the light & dark modes of the Masari....

Now you probably don't think it could get any worse, but it does....

They focus on the friggin campaign like it was the main thing with the game....

Overall they don't go into detail like a hardware site does when making an article about a new CPU or GPU. It sounds like they played the game for a day....

GameReplays must make their own review and try to spread the word so we get at least ONE quality review out there!

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# 3Xenith Jan 16 2008, 04:37 AM
That is the problem with reviews of RTS. They act as though its an RPG and focus totally on campaign. Online is a side note. At least thats the way it is in all the gaming sites i've seen (gamespot, ign, etc.)

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