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Petroglyph Confirm UK Release Date

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# 1--ReLixXz-Z- Jan 15 2008, 12:52 PM
Over at the official Petroglyph forum they have confirmed several game release dates. Included in this, the official date for Universe at War to be released in the UK. A lot of people have been quite annoyed as to why the company has released the game at separate dates in the world, for instance it has been over a month since the game was released in the USA. If you do live in other parts of Europe, the release date is expected to be the same as the United Kingdom.

Petroglyph, creator of Star Wars: Empire at War, is the developer of this title and SEGA is in charge of publishing the game. There have been a lot of people wondering why they have not managed to market the game in the UK as well as they have done in other countries, which is quite disappointing as it is such a great game.

If you live in the United Kingdom and are thinking about buying this title, I suggest you try the single player demo first.

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