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GameReplays Re-launches Its Home Page

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# 1AgmLauncher Feb 16 2008, 13:46 PM
Over the past few weeks, the GameReplays web development team has been working hard to overhaul the home page of the site, which was launched early yesterday, finally adding some much needed functionality.

In addition to the fresh new look, new updates are simplified, streamlined, and now come from every game section on GameReplays. At a glance, itís possible to see what the latest and greatest content is across the whole site, as well as whatís happening in the industry as a whole. The highlight rotator makes it easy to find the best content from each game, as well as special features on the home page itself.

The list of games on the right hand side is there for convenient access, and is sorted by the activity in each gameís general discussion forum. In the future, the ranking will be a mix of activity from a variety of factors.

Expect to see more improvements to the navigation and header in the coming weeks, as well as much more content, features, articles, and news added regularly. If you have any questions or comments, please post them in our Site Feedback and Improvement forum.

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