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# 1TDA Feb 18 2008, 12:46 PM
New Look
The design is intended to match the framework and feel of the forum skin, and is GameReplays' new universal design. It is cleaner, sharper, and more modern.

Better Layout
The previous three column design was dated and inefficient at presenting content. Different updates would go in different boxes all over the place, and it was hard to tell when new information and content was added to the portal. Now all updates are consolidated in one place on the index page.

Easier Browsing
Tabbed navigation helps keep you grounded as to where you are in the portal, and additional related content you might enjoy is now located in the footer of every news story, article, and feature.

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# 2thebattler36 Feb 18 2008, 21:40 PM
I dont like it, it doesnt feel like the DC portal anymore sad.gif i loved the old portal layout, it was nice and lovely, good DC colours and everything... now it's too clean and sterile like the CoH:OF and BFMF2:ROTWK Portals...

and yay first post smile.gif

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# 3Ninjabutter Feb 19 2008, 01:34 AM
Figured I'd just post this here since I'm sure I'm not the only one wondering. How's this going to affect the old portal's Faction Index pages? I don't see anywhere viable to link to them. Is all the information that was in the Indexes now going to just be in that faction's strategy forum, or is it going to be posted elsewhere on the portal?

Granted, I'm partially curious only because I spent the majority of my free time in the last two weeks fixing the stupid Faction Indexes. If it's just going into the forums, I'll start transferring all of the information over.

It does look good overall. I was quite fond of the old portal's color scheme, but that's just a personal preference; black and green just looks awesome. I like the tab systems on the new layout.

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