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Guidelines for demo review.

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# 1|elder|Ap0C Mar 3 2008, 23:45 PM
Here is a quick overview of the guidelines for submitting demo's for review.

Simply make a topic in the demo forums with the following title template

Mapname - playername - for review

So for example I would post

Dustbowl - Ap0C - for review.

-The demo must be between 2 and 15 minutes in length. Anything longer will not get reviewed.

-Demos are scored on player skill, entertainment, and wow factor.

-Reviewable material in the demo must be through the first person view of the recording player. That means that we will only be looking at what takes place through the eye's of one player, while he is alive. But it does not necessarily need to be an action he executed.
eg. While you are alive you see 8 guys blow up from one random critical sticky. Regardless of whether that sticky is yours, it will still score points on "wow factor" and "entertainment".

-Anything during spectator cam is not reviewable content.

So start posting all your great demo's!!!

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