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Top three early Soulstorm replays

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# 1Darky Mar 9 2008, 17:46 PM
Soulstorm has had its first weekend of online playing, here are the most 'wubbed' replays so far on GameReplays:

Most wubbed replay so far:
Mdigibou (Sisters of Battle) vs Zane (Dark Eldar)

Equal second most wubbed replays so far:
Atro|Anezti (Dark Eldar) vs Purple^jvs^ (Chaos)
Mdigibou (Sisters of Battle) vs Pr1est (Imperial Guard)

All worth downloading and watching using your copy of Soulstorm (you need the game to watch replays).

If you are new to GameReplays you may ask "What is a wub?"

If you download a replay and like it then wub it. The more wubs a replay gets the more attention is will get, therefore more downloads, more comments. It is the communities way of saying 'this is a good game you should watch'.


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