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The Asian Dynasties

Final. Ronald VS Vassilius

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# 1MAN BEAR PIGLET Mar 16 2008, 22:14 PM
GG Ronald and Harley won

Attached File Record_Game_5.age3Yrec
Size: 636.74k
Number of downloads: 48
Player Name Side Team
[EBBD] Vassilius 1
[EBBD] KurfürstRuprecht 1
[NerVe] Ronald_McPwned 2
[N3O] Harley14 3

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Attached File(s)
Attached File Record_Game_6.age3Yrec
Size: 774.05k
Number of downloads: 50
Player Name Side Team
[LClan] Parfait 1
GreatGrandpa 1
[NerVe] Ronald_McPwned 2
[N3O] Harley14 2

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