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The Asian Dynasties

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# 1firgli Apr 6 2008, 10:35 AM
GameReplays Tournament

This tournament will work a bit different than you're used to. It's not a knockout tournament, but it works with pools, which means everyone will play at least 14 games. Below is explained how it works.

32 players can play, the 32 highest rated players (by 1v1 rating) will play.

There is a total of $175 prize money: $100 for 1st, $50 for 2nd and $25 for 3rd.

We will work with 4 pools of 8 players. I'll try to make pools by timezone, so put all American players in 1 pool for example, to make it easier to get the games played. I can't assure anything though, the pools will still have to be fair.

Civ and maps will work a bit different than normal so make sure you understand this. You play all 7 other players from your pool twice, so in total 14 games. In these games, you have to use all 14 civs once. Once the pools are known, you send your pool leader a list with the civs you are going to play vs everyone, and you have to pick 1 map for every player you are going to play, so 7 different maps total.


Vs player 1:
Game 1: Ottoman
Game 2: Dutch
Map: Saguenay

Vs player 2:
Game 1: Sioux
Game 2: India
Map: Painted Desert


Once every player from your pool has sent their list, we'll announce the matches and you can start playing. The map you sent, and the map your opponent sent will both be played. The map the lowest rated player sent will be played in the first game, the other map in the second game. 1v1 ratings are used for this.

Signups will start Sunday 6 April and end Thursday 10 April. The pools will be announced Friday 11 April, and you have until Sunday 13 April to send your civ/map list. Monday 14 April you can start playing, and you have 2 weeks to get all games played. The first weekend (19+20 April) you have to be available to play, both Saturday and Sunday night.

After the 2 weeks, the 2 players with most wins will go to the final pool, with 8 players again, and it will work the same as in the first pool. In case more players draw for the second place, admins will decide what will happen. In the final pool, you get 2 weeks to play all games again, and be available in the weekend.

All other rules are standard. No cheats allowed, normal speed and all games have to be recorded and posted in our tournament replay section.


You can signup by replying in this topic.
Please post the following information in your signup post:

GameReplays name:
Eso name:
1v1 elorating:
Your timezone: (+/- xx GMT)

If you have any questions about this tournament, please DONT post in this topic, but post in our special tournament quesion topic

Good luck & Have fun all!

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Game: The Asian Dynasties

# 2CFC_NaturePhoenix Apr 6 2008, 10:50 AM
GMT +2

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# 3Ourk Apr 6 2008, 10:52 AM

GameReplays name: Ourk
Eso name: Ourk
1v1 elorating: 2255
Your timezone: GMT+2

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# 4Legend_Hero Apr 6 2008, 11:02 AM
edit: oops sign me up in the group B plz xD

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# 5StR_StylO Apr 6 2008, 11:07 AM
GameReplays name: StR_StylO
Eso name: [FeaR] StylO
1v1 elorating: 2040.5
Your timezone: GMT+2

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# 6Flooky Apr 6 2008, 11:10 AM
GameReplays name: Flooky
Eso name: Flooky
1v1 elorating: 2313.5
Your timezone: +2 GMT

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# 7DzEmIL_TactiC Apr 6 2008, 11:21 AM
GameReplays name: DzEmIL_TactiC
Eso name: Challe
1v1 elorating: 2280
Your timezone: +1 GMT

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# 8FaZiNaTe Apr 6 2008, 11:31 AM
srry i am not in^^

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# 9Necrote Apr 6 2008, 11:56 AM
GR Name:Necrote
ESO name:Necrote
1v1 elorating: 2168
Timezone: GMT +2

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Game: Age of Empires 3

# 10firgli Apr 6 2008, 12:16 PM
I'll play too :]

GameReplays name: Luigi
Eso name: iGiuL
1v1 elorating: 2290
Your timezone: +2 GMT

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Game: The Asian Dynasties

# 11reyoriol Apr 6 2008, 12:29 PM
i'm 1999 wacko.gif i had a bad streak yesterday... put me wherever u like, i signed up in both sides
Game replays name: ReyOriol
EsoName: ReyOriol
1v1 rating: 1999 (damn germans and ports, they pwn all!!!)
Timezone: +2GMT

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# 12Hamtrigger Apr 6 2008, 12:50 PM

GameReplays name: Hamtrigger
Eso name: Hamtrigger
1v1 elorating: 2119
Your timezone: -5 GMT

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# 13Jidba Apr 6 2008, 13:07 PM

GameReplays name: Jidba
Eso name: Jidba
1v1 elorating: 2180
Your timezone: GMT +3

PS: Die ham

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# 14NightScr3aM Apr 6 2008, 13:17 PM
GameReplays name: NightScr3aM
Eso name: NightScr3aM
1v1 elorating: 2250
Your timezone: GMT

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# 15Mijobe Apr 6 2008, 13:44 PM
Sorry I cant sign up my comp might be in for some repairs that time:/

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# 16mor1d1n Apr 6 2008, 14:05 PM
GameReplays name: Mor1d1n
Eso name: Mor1d1n
1v1 elorating: 2040
Your timezone: GMT +1

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# 17SiMoNKeriO Apr 6 2008, 14:13 PM
GameReplays name: SiMoNKeriO
Eso name: SiMoNKeriO
1v1 elorating: 2171.3
Your timezone: +2 GMT

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# 18ES_MrMilo Apr 6 2008, 16:11 PM

GameReplays name: ES_MrMilo
Eso name: MrMilo
1v1 elorating: 2211
Your timezone: GMT-6

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# 19Navarone_Guy Apr 6 2008, 16:52 PM
GR Nick: Navarone_Guy
ESO Nick: Harley14
1v1 ELO: 2000.5 (Bwaaahhahaha!)
Timezone: -6

This should be a good opportunity to get some games in with top players. Looking forward to it. pirate.gif

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# 20StarSky.de Apr 6 2008, 18:05 PM
GameReplays name: StarSky.de
EsoName: StarSky
1v1 elorating: 2210
Your timezone: GMT+2

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