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Tourney Mods Wanted!

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# 1MEXICANBROTHER Apr 13 2008, 03:21 AM
We'd ask for you to have a chunk of time probably 3 hours on a weekend that you could run a tournament for us every other week.

Reply here if you're interested smile.gif (Or PM L3g3nd4ry)

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# 2Forlong Apr 27 2008, 20:51 PM
*pops into unknown KW forums*

If KW admins are going to be planning the tournaments (I just do that myself), then KW tourney mods would be responsible primarily for keeping the tournament running smoothly.

You've got to make sure all players know who they're playing, make sure they actually play each other, deal with problematic participants, keep the brackets updated on the tourney site or make sure the players do that themselves, advertise to make sure enough people show up, ensure replays are posted, and write short reports on the tournament afterwards. You've also got to keep the tournament forum organized, dole out warnings to participants that are late or don't show up, do everything you can to make sure everyone gets there on time, and keep the tournament running smoothly when all of that inevitably fails.

In short, it takes a lot of responsibility to apply for this position, and you do have to be at least 99.9% reliable (tourney mods who don't show up for tourneys do not remain tourney mods laugh.gif). However, despite the laundry list of chores above, it's actually not a hard job at all if you're reliable; I find it to be quite enjoyable. Certainly it's not quite as time-consuming as Replay Reviewer or Strategy Specialist, or at least it shouldn't be if the RR or SS is doing his job properly. tongue.gif

The tourney site sucks tbh, but it's not that hard to use. I've mostly got everything figured out by now and would be happy to teach prospective applicants how it works.

Here's an example of an ideal tourney forum (mine of course, I'm so modest smile.gif); of course the KW forum appears to be more of a discussion-oriented place, so it'll probably turn into a mixture between what it is now and mine after it has a tourney mod.

Ofc the KW admins might have other plans in mind for applicants, but that's how it works in RotWK, and I doubt it'll be much different for you. Definitely sign up if you're reliable.

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# 3DJ_Chill Apr 18 2012, 17:28 PM
Remember, we're always looking for new junior staff members!

However, please PM JCDoo7 if you are interested in a position smile.gif


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