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Inf spam :S

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# 1cazzah Aug 8 2008, 03:10 AM
So ho the hell do you stop mass inf spam?

i tried spamming counters as nod, buggies and mass amount of inf but they were just unbeatable.

left in the end because i saw no way of winning, just a long and painful loss.

any tips on how to combat this inf spam, or any tips in general on my play, would be appreciated.

only been playing for about a week so getting used to it still.

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# 2_acid Sep 16 2008, 11:25 AM
I didn't watch the replay yet, still, normally cutting off your enemies supplies will get you a free win, whatever skill they are. So make sure you attack enemy harvesters and don't let him get the towers, or simply harass the guy all the time and he soon won't be able to spam anymore. Of course you still have to build anti-inf, especially Venoms (also, equip them with lasers asap).

Edit: I've watched it now. Hell, guys, what were you doing. if you were dMb, I'd understand your request, but why did you not attack him when you had the chance (being the first 4 minutes of the game in which he only did have 2 sups and his barracks)? Watching the replay, I even first thought you were dMb, because he seems to be a really unexperienced player... but.. you aren't! You could have beaten him easily by teching up and building an airfield.


Your Buildorder should be like:

1 PowerPlant
1 Barracks
[Soldiers, Soldiers, Soldiers, Engineer, Soldiers -> Engy takes the near spike, 1 Squad enters the bunker on the left side]
1 Sup (Sell after the harvester left)
1 Sup (You now have two Harvesters on one supply, the first one returns filled)
1 WF (5 Nodmots/Scorpions for harassing opponents Harvesters)
[Maybe sup at the outpost]
1 Tech2 (Take Offline since your Power will be low)
[Definetely sup at the outpost]
1 PowerPlant
[Take Tech2 Online again]
[[at this point you can theoretically win the game by building 3 Flametanks, stealthing them via the 3000$ faction ability, getting them in the enemies base and burning key structures, being his supplies, HQ and WF]]
1 Airfield (Spam Venoms)
[Spam Soldiers, Venoms and Scorps]
[Use your buildings to widen your buildspace and build Sups at the middle Field]
[If your enemy is still not down, build Tech3 and Spam Avatars/Venoms]

[If your enemy is still not down, use actual nod tactics (-> Stealth Tanks, Bombers, kill enemy Harvesters)]

Also, use Soldiers to scout the map earlygame. This is important, because normally you don't know which faction your opponent is to begin with, additionally you will know how, where and with which units he will attack you. Also, don't just spam RPGs, since they are expensive and slow, which helps the enemy when harassing your economy (they can not move fast enough to attack his units on your second field, this is where scouting would've been important, still, they are expensive and shouldn't be used until they're really needed).

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