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British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS)

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# 1warhawks Sep 3 2008, 12:11 PM
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Welcome to the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) for Company of Heroes. In this post you will find critical information to help you learn and improve as a British player. Continue to use the forums as an area to ask questions, post replays and learn about British strategies. This thread will be updated periodically with the most relevant British Intelligence currently available. In regard to the main British Strategy Forum area, we ask that you check this section first to see if you can find your answer before posting a question. If not, then post your question and include a replay if you are referring to something that has actually happened in game. The British SIS team is here to help.

British Information Hubs

GR - CoH Stats - Wiki

British Technology Tree

British TrucksAbility GuidesSupport RegimenísBritish Tips of the WeekMap Specific informationBritish Q&A

The Complete British 1v1 Guide by warhawks

Countering Wehrmacht Strats
Bike RushMG PinOther Discussion Threads:Countering Panzer Elite StratsStrategy Guides / Information ThreadsWarhawks Replay Pack Analysis

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