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Red Alert 3

Accepting Commentator Applications!

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# 1MEXICANBROTHER Sep 8 2008, 17:43 PM
We are looking for a couple of commentators for the Red Alert 3 section. We are really trying to promote eSports and we want to be able to gamecast tournament matches (yes! future tournaments). Our King of the Hill matches are being viewed between 500 and 2000 views each, so this is a real good way to make a name for yourself. We would like to see 2 trial gamecasts and then you would become an official Commentator.

  • Video recording software - all gamecasts must be uploadable to WeGame
  • Fundamental knowledge of the game - we want commentators to be able to spot mistakes that players make
  • Opportunity to make a name for yourself by having your gamecasts watched by hundreds of people
  • Involvement in the staff community
IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, SEND "doesn't matter" A PM!!!

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