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Intergalactic Coliseum Season III

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# 1Gnats3 Dec 31 2008, 23:43 PM
In early 2009, Season III of our Intergalactic Coliseum Clan League will begin, so it is time for YOU to sign up your clan! The Clan League is a great opportunity for Supcom:FA clans to fight it out and prove their abilities.

Be sure to check the Rules thread beforehand, and make sure you are ready.

For this season we again have some changes.

1on1 now are only best of one, and give 2 points for the winner.
2on2 are now more important because they give 3 points for the winning team.

We have also decided to have fewer custom maps. You will still play on various official maps and on a few custom maps, but the focus will be again on standard ranked and 2on2 maps!

We also want to host 2 divisions again, one for "pro"-Clans and one for newer ones with less-experienced players. All we need for that is enough clans to fill up both. So it is your chance to prove that you are either in the Premier League of Top Clans or in the Rookie's league with less experienced Clans.

You may also have noticed the new GPGnet avatars, which will be given as a reward for the winning clans! Check out VoW or Lo4 members in GPGnet to see these avatars.

Sign up now!

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