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Intergalactic Coliseum Season III Information

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# 1Kryo Jan 18 2009, 10:16 AM
As signups were closed last week, the Intergalactic Coliseum Organization-Team took the last week to do the final preparations. We can now announce that the Clanleague will start next Sunday at 6 PM GMT +1 (19:00 for France, Germany and mid-Europe, and 1:00 PM for the US East Coast).

For this season we have more clans signed up than last time, which promises a really great season.


Voices of War
Reapers of War
Legion of Annihilation
Canard Plus
Burning Phoenix Team
Alien Assembly Line
Total Annihilation Gods
Sos_Death_Snots and War Walkers Alliance

So we have a total of nine clans, and we expect really tough fights. The question of which clan is the best really cannot be answered before they play each other, so it is going to be really exciting.

The Maplist and Pairings will be posted soon.

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