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Clanleague Season III is finished!

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# 1Kryo Mar 23 2009, 11:52 AM
Yesterday the last playday of the Clanleague was held.

Voices of War had already won the Clanleague 1 week ago, when they won vs AAL and had such a high score, that noone could catch up to them.

So yesterday there was still the interesting match between Legion of Annihilation and Alien Assembly Line, who both fought for the 2nd rank. Lo4 did win this matchup and is now 2nd of the Season.

This season was quite a big success.
After having some starting problems, soon the sunday evening was a Clanleague playday for a lot of people. Also in February Zulan, Zock and Gowerly started to cast the most interesting matchups of each playday (url is http://live.myvowclan.de), with Gowerly even in English. There were roundabout 90-120 viewers each playday! And we saw a lot of interesting matchs and games in this time.

Also, this time no single clan had to forfeit and leave the league, what we had in former seasons. Even the underdogs played till the end! I really have to thank them too!

I also thank all people helping to organize the league, starting with all players of each clan. You did a good job, and I hope to see you in the next Season, and that you tell others to participate too, so we may get 2 divisions again!
Thanks to all clanleaders and/or teamleaders who did the team management. This is much work, and everyone should recognize that.

A really big appreciation goes to the Casting team. Clanleague would be much less fun and much less a community project, if it wasnt for the cast!

And especially I thank Grumbll and nebu for doing the League with me
Nebu also made a clanleague information page, as some people dont like forums, and cannot navigate good in them. So all important information is on this page, and will be in the future.

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# 2KingsRevenge Mar 24 2009, 23:31 PM
90 views is awesome.

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# 3Zulan Mar 25 2009, 02:51 AM
GG! Looking forward to the next Season smile.gif

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