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Supreme Commander

First SupCom 2 details revealed

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# 1Togra May 3 2009, 09:27 AM
PC Gamer UK has a scoop on Supreme Commander 2 with comments from Chris Taylor who describes this sequel as being less about economy management and more about interesting combat and more worthwhile units.

The preview in question has been scanned already and it carries a first screenshot as well, showing lots of action in a city tileset.

A few notable quotes from the Gas Powered Games CEO, remember these have already been pulled out-of-context for the preview and the game is still relatively early in development:

"If I start the game and in the first 60 seconds I build a tank, I want that tank to deliver the killing blow to my opponent 35 minutes to 90 minutes later."

"Every one of them [units] has the ability to sustain themselves throughout the entire game, so we need each of them to be much more complex and have many facets."

"Take the economy management off the table... You'll be able to play this like any other RTS."

"The nerd in me died a little bit," Chris confesses [about trimming economy], but said, "That's OK Chris, because more people are going to have fun with the combat aspect of the game and not get bogged down in the economic management."

"We're going away from iconographic units to a living, breathing RTS game - Square Enix has this unbelievable skill[? blurry on scan] for creating stories and characters and they're experts at this."

The article further mentions that SupCom 2 will still have hundreds of units on screen and that the game's visuals have been improved even though it should be playable on a 500 PC. The game will be out in 2010. It already looks to be very different from the first game but that isn't always a bad thing of course and the whole article still sounds very vague.

Be sure to pick up PC Gamer UK (with the... ehm, StarCraft II cover) so you can read it without the blurriness. smile.gif It will be available in stores on Thursday 7th May. The scan was made by a loyal subscriber.

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# 2KingsRevenge May 5 2009, 03:37 AM
This is going to be good smile.gif.

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# 3MonarchDodra May 12 2009, 08:35 AM
Looks a bit like starcraft 2 from that visual. Removing economy might be good, but what I liked the most was that units did NOT have depth. Nothing like spamming 100 tanks vs your opponent's 100 tanks.

Supcom 1 was all about strategy. Let's hope supcom 2 doesn't become just another tactical RTS.

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# 4L3gendary May 14 2009, 20:34 PM
yea i hope they dont dumb it down too much. make the models better and higher tiers more accessible but i think they're trying to do too much to appeal to casual gamers.

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# 5Ace22 May 21 2009, 02:08 AM
I think I just died inside.

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# 6lelderlAp0C May 24 2009, 00:30 AM
I hate the direction every new RTS game is going.

Fuck this I might as well buy a console system and play button mashers already.


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# 7Automatic Jun 1 2009, 02:17 AM

World in Conflict = just combat = fail

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