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# 1Fused Jun 6 2009, 19:51 PM
The eSports scene is still relatively young and ever changing, as such few organisations successfully tread the path of stability and prolonged success. However, ButtonBashers is a name familiar to anyone who follows competitive gaming.

In recent weeks, the longtime and well decorated ButtonBashers Call of Duty 4 line-up disbanded, and it was with baited breath that the community waited to see the organisation’s next move. It was announced that an online tournament would be hosted, named Bash the Summer Away, a decision taken largely to give lesser known players a chance to break into the major scene, hopefully uncovering new talents and fresh faces.

The idea began tentatively, however following growing support from the community, TosspoT (ButtonBashers General Manager) decided to increase its starting pool to 32 teams. The matches were drawn into a single elimination bracket, all played as a best of three across mp_Crash, mp_Strike and mp_Backlot, taking place over two action-packed evenings. The prize for winning was to don the ButtonBashers tag, securing financial backing to attend the big three summer LANs (Outpost on Fire 3, The-eXperience and the UKeSA finals) plus a €1000 cash bonus.

The entrant teams ranged from completely unknown to well recognised faces, such as Team Four and a Half Men to the former Team Speedlink. From the outset, the tournament was shrouded in controversy, with allegations of cheating flying around and YoYoTech’s second team entering under the false moniker Team Aoki, against the express wishes of their organisation, resulting in their immediate termination from YYT. Many issues regarding cheating only apply in online tournaments and while this is a wider issue outside the scope of this post, TosspoT commented on this aspect of the cup on his blog.

The tournament witnessed many great matches with many running into overtime, as battles were hard-fought and narrowly won. As expected however, Four and a Half Men were dominant throughout, their prowess clearly on display as they dispatched each opponent without losing a map. Last night, Four and a Half Men took the final from DOK Gaming, winning 13-5 on mp_Crash and 13-11 on mp_Strike. Thus the new ButtonBashers line-up for the upcoming summer LANs is as follows:
  • Chris "nreo" Mead
  • Ryan "dUffER" Duffy
  • Davy "Davy" Sysmans
  • Ralph "qwertYYY" Balder
  • Daniel "L-KiNG" Luther
  • Jasdev "JUSZN" Virdee (ESL backup)
  • Joshua "twrs" Towers (manager)
Although this side is relatively new in playing together, individually they all bring a wealth of experience to the table with Fatgames, Infused, Tek-9, H2k and SK-Gaming all present in their collective previous teams. GameReplays.org wishes the new ButtonBashers team the best of luck in the upcoming summer events, and looks forward to many great games ahead.

Full match details for Bash the Summer Away
Catch the Grand Final between Four and a Half Men and DOK Gaming here!

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