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# 1TychoCelchuuu Jun 21 2009, 04:35 AM

A shoutcast is commentary for a game, just like sports commentary for football or political commentary for a presidential election. The difference is that a shoutcast is nerdier than the first and more exciting than the second unless you live in Iran.

How to watch a shoutcast:

1. Download both .rec and .mp3 files from a shoutcast thread.

2. Move the CoH Game Replay (.rec) file to the following directory: My Documents > My Games > Company of Heroes > playback

3. Launch Company of Heroes. WARNING: If you launch a different game, like Half-Life 2, you will be very confused.

4. Select [Skirmish], then [Recorded Games], and load the appropriate replay. If the replay doesn't show up, it might be in the wrong folder, or from an earlier version of Company of Heroes.


6. Alt+Tab back to Windows and start the mp3 file you downloaded.

7. Listen and wait until the Shoutcaster informs you when to Un-Pause. They will probably want to unpause from the 5 second mark.

Alternatively, a vidcast is a recording made of a shoutcast, so that it can be watched in video form without downloading the replay or even owning the game. Company of Heroes has a thriving shoutcast and vidcast section led by an idiot. We encourage you to watch and comment on shoutcasts and vidcasts, or even make some of your own!


1. Download and install Audacity.

2. Launch Audacity

3. Click Record to begin recording. It is a round, red button that symbolizes shame.

4. Alt+Tab into Company of Heroes.

5. Shoutcast. WARNING: Don't say anything stupid until you have been promoted to staff. After that, go ahead.

6. Alt+Tab back to Windows and click Stop to stop recording. The "Stop" button is a reassuring yellow square.

7. If you want to add music to your shoutcast, go to the beginning and click on [Generate] > [Silence]. Make the silence however long you want the music to be. Then hit [Project] > [Import Audio] and find your music. Delete the parts of it that overlap with your shoutcast.

8. Click [Edit] > [Preferences], and then the [File Formats] tab

9. Change MP3 Export Setup Bit Rate to 32, Click [OK]. If you don't do this, your shoutcast will be too big and you're going to post here asking why it won't let you attach your shoutcast. If your MP3 export isn't working, download the LAME encoder.

10. Click [File] > [Export As...] > [MP3...] and then save.

If you want to record multiple person shoutcasts, you have a few options. The newest version of Ventrilo allows recording, and it's free, so if you have a Vent server to use that's a good option. Other choices include Skype Recorder for Skype and having two sound cards.

Yoink, the shoutcaster with what is generally agreed to be the most presentable voice, has written up an article about how he does shoutcasts. Check it out!

This is IMPORTANT and if you don't read it your shoutcasts wil DISAPPEAR into a Soviet-style GULAG!

1. If the replay you want to shoutcast is in the GameReplays.org Company of Heroes replay index, it is probably a good idea to post a reply to the replay and say "I will shoutcast this game" or something similar. This avoids multiple people accidentally shoutcasting the same game.

2. Record your shoutcast. Optionally, when you have recorded your shoutcast, you can also make a vidcast with a program like FRAPS: basically, you watch your shoutcast, but you record yourself doing it, so that people can watch a video instead of watching your shoutcast in Company of Heroes.

3. In the post of your shoutcast, use the replay tags to embed the replay. It works like this:

Find the ReplayID for your replay:
IPB Image

Use the replay tags to enclose the ReplayID:

If it works, you should see the result in your post:

If your replay is not part of the GameReplays.org replay system, we encourage you to upload it. The only attachment to your post should be your shoutcast .mp3, although if for some reason you can't upload the replay to our system, attaching it is okay.

4. Correct title format:


#0000 [0.00] Player1 (Company) vs Player2 (Doctrine)

Team games

#0000 [0.00] Player1/Player2 vs Player3/Player4


#0000 = the Shoutcast number, this is NOT automated, so you will need to look at the last couple of casts to find out the number.

[0.00] = the patch number of the cast, this is so there is no chance of a listener getting confused.

Optional Tags

[VIDEO] or [HQ VIDEO] = add one of these tags to your shoutcast if you've created a video version of it that people can watch without starting Company of Heroes. Use HQ video if the video is large and nice.

[LIVE] = add this tag if you recorded your commentary live while the match was going! This is generally impossible so you might as well forget this tag exists.

[TEAMTALK] = use this tag if, because you're lazy, you didn't create a full shoutcast (or any shoutcast) and instead you just recorded the conversations between team members while they played. This is nice for teams to show off their strategic thinking during a game.

5. You might want to link your shoutcast to the replay by posting your shoutcast as a "tip." Go to the replay in the replay system and find the "tips" tab. Add a tip, and in the tip, post a link to your shoutcast thread.

6. Be sure to listen to other shoutcasters! It's not all about you, unless you're me, in which case it is.

7. If you have any questions, feel free to post in this thread or PM me or any of the other shoutcasters that we have on staff. They can be identified by their bright green badges which makes it hard for them to hide from me.


We love shoutcasts here are GameReplays.org. They make replays more fun to watch, they can help newcomers get more out of watching pros play, and they're great entertainment. This subforum (CoH Audio Commentaries and Shoutcasts) is a place for the CoH community to post shoutcasts and vidcasts. Anyone can shoutcast, and anyone can vidcast. All you need to do is follow the instructions in this post. The more the merrier! Make sure to listen to and comment on everyone's shoutcasts, too: half of the fun is being part of the community, unless you're SomeBloke and you hate most people, in which case you should still watch shoutcasts so you have something to complain about.

The staff here at GR.org includes people especially dedicated to the shoutcast section: Commentator. They have a green badge, unless they are in charge, in which case they have an orange badge. A Commentator is either a shoutcaster or a vidcaster (or sometimes both). They are just like public shoutcasters and vidcasters, only they also have moderating duties in this forum. PM them if you have any questions or need a topic title edited or something like that. GR.org staff casters also have a minimum number of casts that they have to release each month. Their shoutcasts are no better or worse than anyone else's, though, and hteir job is to encourage public shoutcasters just as mcuh as it is to make their own shoutcasts. So don't just listen to shoutcasts from people with green badges!

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# 2The Beard Nov 10 2009, 22:19 PM
The Beardís Quick Guide to Audacity!

Sup GR!

The Beard here with a simple guide on some of the more useful tools in Audacity that you can use to improve the sound quality of your Shoutcasts. There isnít a lot of complicated work and most of this is very simple.

1) record your shoutcast! - remember to have fun and time sync wink.gif

-now Audacity is prone to crash, if it crashes, the next time you open Audacity you will be asked if you want to delete temporary files. DO NOT DELETE. These files are your Shoutcast, now open this webpage http://www.mesw.de/audacity/recovery/ and download Audacity Recover Utility 1.1 (Windows Setup) and install the program. You may want to check out the Audacity wiki crash recovery page here http://wiki.audacityteam.org/index.php?title=CrashRecovery. Now you have to locate your temporary files. To change where the files are saved, open Audacity > [Edit] > [Preferences] > [Directories tab] then choose where you want to save them.

After you have located the files, simply click ďrecoveryĒ and the program will put the puzzle back together.

2) Noise Removal - one of the simplest tools but can make a huge difference in a Shoutcast. Here is a vid on how to properly use the Audacity noise removal tool..
(but make sure to save your file beforehand)

3) Intro/Outro Music - every good Shoutcast needs intro music. This allows the listener some time to either load Company of Heroes or get snacks/drinks etc. This also is a good way to express yourself and play some of your favorite tunes!

To add music simply go to [project] > [import audio] then choose a file where you have some songs and import them. Thatís it. You may want to check the volume levels of the music so that it is not drastically louder then your Shoutcast. Also you may want to create a fading effect to lead into you're Shoutcast, to create a nice fade effect watch this video..

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# 3ImZeska Mar 15 2010, 11:35 AM
Thanks for this.

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# 4Moliat Jun 24 2010, 16:20 PM
In the newer versions of Audacity there is no such tab as "File Format". I go Edit > Preferences, but there is no tab called "File Format", but under the "Quality" tab there is an option to set the 'Default Sample Format' to 32-bit float, but there is also an option to set the 'Standard datarate' (in Hz). However, when set to 32-bit float and exported as an .mp3-file, the file is huge...

EDIT: The option has been "moved". When clicking on "Export file" you get prompted to choose a location and name for your file, make sure you choose the file-type mp3 and then, rather than clicking "Save", you click "Options", there you can set the quality to be 32 bit (kbps).

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